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CNG crossover point in terms of daily km

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my preowned Wagon-R if giving an average of 10 or 11 km/litre. I am a new driver in the highway training phase, so I do drive slower than others and miss gears sometimes. I know that the idle is set high by the mechanic to prevent stalling. This car is petrol so running costs are high. My daily run is about 30-35km. My query is, what is the crossover point to CNG in terms of daily distance travelled?


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Since no one is replying, I will detail my thought process.

My weekly running if I drive to work everyday is about 180Km. That means the annual mileage will be about 9260km. Now, my car is averaging 10km/litre of petrol. So 926 litres will be consumed annually at a cost of Rs 76752 as per today's prices. A CNG kit will costs 35K about and the running cost for the same distance will be atleast half, wont it? So it will pay back in less than an year.

However, I haven't driven a CNG car to know how much the power loss is. My car is a 4 cylinder 1.19L engine, so it should handle the conversion better.

Also, aren't kits available that start on petrol and then auto switch from petrol to CNG automatically once the car is running?

My mechanic doesn't seem to be in favour of making the change for reasons unknown. There is also the loss of boot space due to the CNG bottle Aren't spare tyre size tanks also available?


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