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Manza Front Suspension

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I have Manza Elan 2012. It is in mint condition with complete service history. However i have a problem, on rough roads ( where speed can be maintained but surface is not good) especially when one of the wheels is passing through bad surface, a wierd noise comes from the front suspension.

Authorized Service Center, Local Mech anics, Dealer every body said, its all fine and no problem but when this noise penetrates the cabin it spoils all the fun of driving.

Can you please suggest.



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Check for the disc caliper pins which hold the calipers in place. Thats the basic thing.

If that is fine, check the calipers if either of them are worn uneven. The movement of the tire makes the caliper set do a pendulum action with the disc and may cause that sound.

I had an intrusive sound from my Swift only when it was on concrete roads. And the caliper pins were to blame. Was a simple Rs. 200 fix.

Do remember to change pins or calipers at both sides if you have to do so.

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I got everything checked .. as per dealer all is fine.

He serviced and cleaned the callipers and sound didnt come for a month or so, but again started.

Is it due to awesome BLR roads as have got it checked as 3 authorized service station and every one is of the opinion everything is perfect.

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