Honda Mobilio.Can it challenge the Toyota Innova?

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My test ride of Diesel Mobilio ,

Here are my few observations to share some strong points some in comparison & Some my opinions on both of the above.

Looks of honda Mobilio good

Front seats are comfortable

Back seats just ok Not comfortable on long rides

2nd Row seat Sliding only on Top End Models is BAD DECISCION

Suspension stiff in comparison with Ertiga

Mobilio looks taller But. Getting in and out is Car like , That's great disappointment , As Roof height & Door height is different ( approx 75- 100 mm ) Door height is Approx 3-4 inches lower than roof height ,Hence the Mobilio is taller but you need to get in like car , where as Ertiga is easy to get in & out

High speed stability in Mobilio is very good and inspires Confidence. Scores better than Ertiga.

The low end Torque is very good similar to Toyota innova so less number of gear changes & Strees free driving .Far better than ertiga

In cabin noise can be reduced further .

Getting into 3 Row is very good in Honda Mobilio ,

Honda should consider sliding second row of Seats in all models +. More Comfortable seats with extended under thigh support in 2 nd row + Captain seats option ,

How ever the issue of getting & Getting out of this Mobilio MPV will be an issue. As many family members of 40+ find difficult in getting in & out of this Mobilio Unlike Ertiga

How ever introduction of improved Nissan Sunny will be a choice of my car wowing to the price issue .As I may not use last row of seats

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