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Reason for this thread is to get maximum reviews over this frequently raised question that whether choosing a top model of the car is the smart decision or should buy a mid or base model then get accessories of it from outside. which involves so many things in it like music system, steering mounted keys, parking sensor, mud flaps, floor mats, seat covers, wheel covers, roof rails, display screen, cup holders etc. mainly i am not talking about the luxury sedans and SUVS here, my targeted cars for discussions are cities hatchbacks which gives only few add on with the large difference of price gap between their range of models.

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I would definitely opt for a Top End variant. I don't think buying a mid variant and making aftermarket upgrades is a smart option. Most Aftermarket guys don't think much of the electrical stuffs while installing accessories. Any harm to the wires can cause major problems to the car.

This reminded me of an incident when a Tata Nano owner installed some aftermarket accessories and the car went upto fire.

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A top end always makes more sense as you get a lot of safety and security features built in with it.

I can say that as I opted for a Swift VXi variant then only because of budget constraints. Another 60k would have given me keyless entry, rear defogger, rear wash-wipe, alloys, ABS with EBD, a climatronic AC unit, in built music system and better seat fabric.

Of course this was 6 years ago. Cars these days come with rear parking sensors and other fancy stuff..

But my opinion to go for the top variant is only to get the safety features which are big time missed on lower specs. No amount of money you spend on aftermarket fittings will give you ABS and Airbags.

Things like a music player and speakers - well you get better ones aftermarket than the stock ones depending on the amount you spend on it.

Alloys, at a time in past made sense as they not only made the car look better but also had an added advantage of being lightweight compared to the steel rims. This weight difference has reduced over years.. there is hardly a difference of about 150-250 gms depending on the size of the wheel. I'm talking about regular 13" to 15" wheels here.. So this is anyone's wish.. it'll only make the car look better.. fancy.. thats all

Parking sensors - these are exorbitantly priced at the dealerships citing "originality". But you get good enough ones for less than half its price. Getting it done from a good car accessory place is the key thing. The way your bumper gets drilled and the quality of wires used is what matters in the end. I've got it fixed for both my cars aftermarket and they work awesome.

Seats - unless you get leather - which you seldom get these days on sub 12 lac cars, the original fabrics need to be covered to protect from regular usage, spills, mud etc. Here too, the dealer charges huge amounts citing custom fit reasons and all. But you get good enough seats at a variety of price points.

Basically, all original fitments in a car (apart from the safety features) can have better counterparts aftermarket.

The good thing when going for the top variant is that you get the safety features too.. along with several other fittings which you need not spend on aftermarket.

It helps save various warranty issues in future if any arise.

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I have checkd above link mentioned by diwakar11. As per shown in that i must say india hatchbacks are failed to give any safety to the driver and passengers, from headlight to driving seat the car body is just finished except polo, which is the only one to pass that test.

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