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1. Spare wheel, in good condition.

2. A good and updated GPS tool.

3. Tank-full of wiper wash liquid.

4. All bulbs in working condition.

5. Working fog lights, if travelling to misty/foggy areas.

6. To be on the safe side, carry a latest list of ASSs {and good hotels/lodges} enroute/in/around the destination.

7. Not to forget, your driving license, insurance dox, RC dox/card, cash, credit card and good music collection.

All the best.

(replied via Lenovo A3000-H from Bhimthal)

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Having stuck enroute many a times

I would like you to carry

First Aid Kit

Essential medications for all travelling with you

An Emergency Food basket with nutrient food , fruits in case you cannot find anything

An Emergency Water Jar 25L , dip into it only when no other source is available.

An Emergency Fuel Filled Can

A Survival kit with a blanket , basic tools , lighter

Apart from that

Ample power to drive your communication devices , power banks , data cards , multiple working sims , check which cellular network works best in the area you are about to venture.

These may sound more or less useless but their worth can only be appreciated by the more experienced ones.

Happy touring.

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