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I have just gone through the given video link.

It says that the product should be used as per

the `directions given on the packing'. Two points

to be noted. One, it should be directly be added

into the tank without any dilution. And Two, run

the vehicle, without further fulling, till almost the

tank is empty.

I think, all the needed instructions must be clearly

given on the bottle.

I too am interested in using it on my Xylo E8.

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On 7/25/2014 at 6:12 AM, diwakar11 said:

When diesel injector cleaner is to be used, is there any specific time period for it or does it depend upon the k.m. runs?


you can use while the car

- has corrosion on the fuel lines

- starts Knocking

- starting black emissions (smoke)

or you can use Fuel additives after every 2000 km ruining or while top up your

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If black smoke is coming out of the exhaust pipe of you diesel car that means combustion isn't proper in the cylinders, cause would be fuel injectors may not be atomising the fuel properly leading to black smoke. If you continue like this then turbine blade will have deposits and egr valve will get sticky. Deposits on turbine, less rpm means less air flow to the engine.
Bottom line is get the fuel injectors renewed ASAP. Diesel cleaner won't help

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