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Need help in choosing a Motorcycle

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Hi All,

Need your suggestions in choosing a Motorcycle. Please see my requirement below.

Budget- Maximum 60,000

Monthly Mileage- 300 kms

Preferred Manufacturers- Honda and Yamaha but open to others as well should the product feel superior to what Honda and Yamaha have to offer.

Usage- Daily local commute of not more than 10 kms to run errands.

Primary user is my father who is now 60 years old. We have always had Hero Honda's in our family hence the preferred manufacturer. I do not want another 100-110 cc in my family as we already have a Passion Plus. Ideally 125-150 cc motorcycle is what we are looking for.

Suggestions please.

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You can go for the new Discover 125 or the 150. The build quality is better than the previous versions. Also, with the mono-suspension as an added feature. Yamahas and Hondas have nothing to offer in that price range. If you can extend your budget to around 75-80 then you can get your hands on a Yamaha FZ.

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@Kuntal, i don't think you will get any 150 cc bike within 60k budget.

However, within 125 cc segment, apart from Baja Discover range, you can also look at Honda CB Shine and Suzuki Slingshot Plus.

If you can raise your budget by another 20-25k then you can get pretty decent 150 cc bikes. My first 2 choices would be Suzuki Gixxer followed by Yamaha FZ V 2.0

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With Rs. 60,000 budget you cannot buy 125cc bike and let’s forget about 150cc bike.

I would suggest you to wait for few more months as:

Hero coming with new Passion 125 with Hero’s own 125cc engine and with new look of the bike.

TVS coming with new Victor which will be interesting bike.

Bajaj Discover’s another variant in 125cc avatar is coming soon.

Yamaha’s 100cc & 125cc bikes are not upto the mark and looks dated against the rivals.

As bike will be used by your father who is 60 years old, I strongly recommend to buy scooter instead of bike. Get TVS Jupiter and be relax.

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