Quick Learners ? Korean ,Japan,Germans,USA or Italians

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Who are the quick Learners of these Automobile makers ,Koreans Japanese, Germans, Italians, Of Indian automobile Market needs ?

Fiat punto Evo Looks Damngood ,But took this many years to understand about ground clearance for Indian market ,( highlight on improvement of this new PuntoEvo car is Groundclearence )

How long are they going to GET RID of Turbo lag ? Tata is using same engine done Revision to ECU of the same engine to generate Torque beginning at 1750 RPM This reduces Turbo lag & Helps in Drivebility and in speed gears ( This New FiatPuntoEvo still Start generating Torque at 2000RPM ).

Similarily Audi & Bmw are unable to provide comfort suspension & Reduce inCabin noise to compete with Mercedes S class,

It took 1 year to revise Skoda GroundClearence

BMW cars are the 1st cars to get struck in water logging , Hencethey charging extra insurance cost to cover this repairs than Rectifying the problem,

BMW still continues Runflat tyres despite they are facing many cases ,


I rate








Pl rank your experience as we'll

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I think That the US companies are even worse than the Germans. The germans don t sell in high volumes, so their limited resonse is justified. However the way Ford has been treating customers with the pricing of their Fiesta and then the ecosport debacle makes me think that they are the worst. And after so many years in the Indian market, GM still does nt have a strategy. Only the beat sells well and instead of bringing the similarly styled Aveo, they gave us the chinese made Sail and Sail sedan

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I think such things are not a matter of learning or ignorance. These are strategies, planned for years to come, giving each time a little and a little, to keep the products moving in India. As long as Indian companies doesn't make their own machines, efficiently, we are ill fated to face this exploitation. I consider Korean and Japanese ones are much better, at-least by specifications. Regarding features and quality it is different on different cars. If the rules and regulations are made precise and optimized for cost depending on efficiency, QC and Safety, and implemented, we can have a good comparison. Is it possible in India?

And now who should learn ? The manufacturers or the people of India ? I can't give a rating as this has to be specific for each specs.

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