Petrol Hatchback under 6.5 lacs

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Dear Friends

I am planning on buying a petrol hatchback under 6.5 lacs. Please find information and provide your suggestions.

What's my budget- Rs. 6.5 alcs

Kms Driven monthly- 1000-1200 Kms

Bodyshell- hatchback

City/ HIghway Split- 80:20

Max no of Passengers-1(most of the time, me)

Boot space importance- Naah

Safety- is priority

Prime requirement- FE/Maintanaince/driving pleasure/Features

Softcorner Manufacturers- none

I know in following price bracket I have few options like elite i20, new polo, punto evo, swift (not considering) but none of these cars are fun to drive.


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Either choose b/w elite i20 ,

features of sedans, above average performance.

Or wait for approx. 6 months for Skoda Fabia

Or i would suggest u to go for


Ambiente Model

in which u'll get

• 15-inch steel wheels

• Full wheel cover

• Bluetooth Connectivity

• Rear seat back fold down

• Air conditioning

• Front Power windows

• Electric Power Assist Steering

• Power mirror with turn indicators

• Tilt and telescopic steering

• Guide me home headlamps

• Theater dimming interior lighting

this is d base model which fits in ur budget

fun to drive, give decent equipment

u can buy accessories from ford if u want to add to ur car

waiting period for ecosport has also reduced.

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M really surprised that you mentioned swift and punto evo are not fun to drive. i20 has weird handling issues due to its idiotic steering, polo has a heavy clutch but german engineering is sweet! Remaining option is brio or grand i10.

Please specify what you didn't like in swift , maybe we all can convince you in buying this driver's car! :D

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Swift should be a good option considering the tag of being called as a " Driver's car " and sure it is and no mention is required about the after sales and service network.

Trust me , after sales and service is something vital in making a decision given the present scenario in India where people owning 20 - 30 lakhs cars as well face issue and have no where to go .

I would suggest Swift for the following reasons

1 -> Fun to drive

2 -> Very low maintence

3 -> Service centres available everywhere, literally .

If you consider features you might be inclined to the grand i10 or the i20 elite , but again in the giving budget bracket you would most probagbly be getting the same feature package in all the above mentioned cars.

Just a thought , why not try a test drive of the Zest and make a decision !

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Thanks all for valuable suggestions. I am not considering swift because it has a pathetic build up quality especially front and rear bumpers. I had swift petrol (with esteem enigine) for 2 years and all I did was keep fixing its bumpers, sometimes from authorized service centre, sometimes from local mechanic, so all and all it was a bad experience. I still hear same problem from current users of swift.

I will TD elite i20, punto, brio and polo this weekend and will share my views.

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Out of your choices you should consider either New Polo or Punto Evo.

I am surprised that you are not satisfied with Maruti's build quality. I have observed that even 2nd hand Maruti car fetches extra premium.

Swift is one of the best option but since you had bad experience you should not consider again.

You may also try "Ford Fiesta Classic" if you are OK with old shape but it's great "Driever's Car".

Ford Fiesta Classic is known for it's handling and has decent no-nonsense sedan look.


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For Indian road conditions I will opt Punto Evo with Excellent ride, steering, ground clearence, braking etc. If you need a petrol Car the budget is ok. Fiesta could not come with this budget and it is diesel only, and its ground clearence is lowest. The city highway split that you mentioned 80:20, that means you will drive 800 km in city per month. Which city is this?. And for such a city drive, you may opt for smaller cars like, Honda brio, Micra or Alto800 provided you dont need much boot space. And if the ratio is reversed then I suggest Punto or Swift Desire. What I dont like in polo is the ground clearence. And moreover cost of Fiat spares are comparable with Maruti's.

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Best compromise, even if you aren't considering, is the Swift petrol. I drove a Swift petrol old gen second hand car from Salem to Chennai recently, it was sweet. 'Fun to Drive' is a relative term; surprised you seem to have dismissed all cars in the list as NOT fun to drive. I feel Swift even after all these years is fun enough and also value for money.

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OK guys...sorry for the long wait, but I decided to TD following cars and here is my initial post TD review.

The cars I took for TD are:-

1. New VW Polo (Comfortline)-Aprrox 615000 on road, Delhi

2. Fiat Punto Evo (Dynamic 1.2)- Approx 560000 on road, Delhi

3. Hyundai Elite i20 (Sportz)- Approx 650000 on road, Delhi

While checking out Elite i20 I decided to TD Grand i10 as well because it has same engine and same features as of elite i20.

4. Hyundai Grand i10 (Sportz)- Approx 5,40000 on road, Delhi

5. Honda Brio (V MT)- Approx 534000, on road, Delhi

-First of all I was really shocked to know that a korean car Hyundai elite i20 was most expensive car of the lot. But the price compensate the amount of features, space and comfort it offers. Elite i20 can accomodate 3 adults easily on the back seat. It has big boot to accomodate 2 medium bags with great ease. The area where it was a big let down was the initial response of petrol engine. You have to rev hard to make it touch 55-60 kmw/ hr. But there's a good punch in this engine when it crosses 60 km/hr. I couldn't touch the speed of 80 km/hr as I was driving in Delhi's traffic as I wanted to confirm if this car still have high speed stability issue or not.

- Then came the turn of Hyundai Grand i10. I was really impressed with this car. It has same features as of elite i20 and is 1 lac cheaper as well. I took it for a spin and surprisingly I didn't face any initial power lag as I faced in elite i20. When I asked the representative regarding the same he had no idea about it. May be it was due to the difference in the weight of both cars. I was also really impressed with the interior quality and there was adeqaute space for 4 adults and enough boot space for a short weekend trip. Though rear AC vents can be useful in summers but it does eat up the space in the back for the middle passenger. Few things I wish sportz model would have is Bluetooth connectivity, rear wiper and driver seat height adjuster.

- Then I went to VW showroom and as expected it was farely empty. I took VW Polo for a spin and I did find the response of petrol engine similar to what I experienced in elite i20. There was an inadequate initial response and once it reaches 60 km/hr, engine comes into play. I really liked the build up quality as you can hear the THUMP while closing the doors. There were lots of feature on comfortline trim like ABS, Hight Adjustable driver's seat, All Power windows, Electically Adjustable rear view mirrors, CD/MP3 player with USB/AUX, Remote controlled central locking, multi-functional display etc to name a few. I was really tempted to book this car then and there, but my brother asked me to inquire about its ASS first. Then we went to its service station which was at the back of the same showroom. We enquired about the petrol ASS with few customers that were present there. They told us initially they were happy to know that this car needs service after every 15000 kms. BUT everytime they bring their car for service, it usually cost them Rs.12000-15000 on an average per service which I did find pretty expensive. One more issue with the car was back seat space and boot space. The car cannot accomodate 4-5 adults or a family of 4 if they are going on a short weekend trip.

- Then I went to Honda's showroom to enquire about BRIO. While driving this car, I had mixed feelings. It was like loving and hating someone at the same time. It's engine is a gem with enough power to overtake any car, very responsive, very very agile and highly stable which I didn't find in above mentioned cars. BUT then interor quality is not upto the mark, interior design is pathetic, back space and legroom was OK, adequate for 4 adults, boot space was average. If I can get a good discount on it, ay be I can consider this car, overlooking at its interiors.

- Then finally I went to FIAT's showroom and yes it was farely empty as well. To my surprise, they didn't have a petrol model for a TD so I am unable to write my views and experience. But I did check out the car at showroom and I was really impressed with the interior space, build quality, interior's quality and amount of features it has to offer.


Equipment wise: I think all of the above cars have adequate amount of features with 90% of similar features in all the cars.

Still if I have to rank them equipment wise: ELITE i20>POLO>GRAND i10>PUNTO EVO>BRIO

Engine Responsiveness: BRIO>GRAND i10>POLO>ELITE i20

High Speed Stability: POLO>BRIO>GRAND i10>ELITE i20


Interior Quality: PUNTO EVO>POLO>GRAND i10>ELITE i20>BRIO

Exterior: This point may vary person to person, depending on taste and like.




Please note that these are my personal views and it may vary person to person. I would invite all to provide your valuable inputs.

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After month long research and visiting lots of showroom, we finally zeroed on Hyundai Grand i10 sportz petrol :wub: . I was bowled over by the VFM it offers, the interior space and quality, amount of features and not but not the least Hyundai's no-nonsense ASS.

Initially I was more inclined towards buying a diesel model, but in the end it didn't make any financial sense to shell out an extra lakh rupees as petrol-diesel price gap has been decreasing on regular intervals.


Mods: Please change the topic of this thread.

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