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Audi A4 Premium Plus or A6 Business Edition ?

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Hi, Im looking to buy a saloon under the budget of 40L and I could find those 2 options best, Audi A6 Business Edition and the A4 Premium Plus.

A6 Business Edition is around 4L more than A4 Premium Plus.

So, what Im looking for is your suggestions what to go for, so I dont repent later!

I heard, A6 has air suspension, which many audi owners face problem and end up spending high service bills for that.

If that is the case, then Im booking for the Premium Plus all the way!

And also looking for reviews of the A4 2014, if we have some real owners of it, here in the forum.

Thank you!

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The A4 is relatively older product than the current A6 model as it just now had a refresh. You will get better dynamics on the A4 but the A6 with air suspension has a really excellent ride quality but since the technology is complex the chance of failure is more.

I would advice you to go for the A4 since its ride is more than good enough and it will give you a peace of mind.

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