car around 8 lacs

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Whats your Budget - Rs 8 L

Kms driven monthly - 2000 kms

Max No.of Passangers - 3 most of the time

Boot space Importance - ______ Medium

Usage by - __________________normal ( have a driver also)

Ownership - _________________City

Safety - _____________________High

Prime requirement - Ride/FE/Braking/AfSS/Resale/Passenger Comfort

Is Hyundai I20 a good buy? Spending around 8.8 lac for a hatch? Is there any other alternative.

Need spacious interiors.( I'm 6'3")

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Diesel is they way to go with 2k monthly run, Though Petrol isn't a bad bet keeping in mind the high diesel price rise. Elite i20 fits well with our priorities. Best car for city driving but still the highway manners isn't sorted fully. Also have a look at the Punto Evo and Tata Zest.

Rapid mid variant diesel is good too if you can shell out another 1 lacs.

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Look for TATA Zest diesel. You could get the top end but you would need to strech your budget by 5-7% of the above mentioned price tag. Else you can settle for a lower spec.

Otherwise, Amaze sx i-Dtec should be your bet. The sx i-Dtec is under 8 lac onroad in Gurgaon and this model as everything you would like to have.

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im thinking of i20 but is spending around 8.7 lacs for the topend worth?

considering if i spend a lac i can get a C segment sedan/ SUV like the new Scorpio and all

Get over the idea of a C segment. You're getting many goodies on the top end variant i20 and co.. And you'll only get the lower version of the SUVs or C seg. Sedans in that budget. So I don't think it's a very smart idea.

And as of the i20, it's definitely worth the money. But as I said earlier, just don't expect it to excite you. It's a great car for a Family man, with lots of Space, features, good quality interiors and trustworthy service. Punto Evo? Add good ride and handling to these but Service? I've a doubt.

And If you think you'd rather have a Sedan, then Tata Zest is the go way.

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