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Ritz or Brio or Swift

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after giving up on my old Wagon R, I have been racking my brains over these three for the last few days. Not getting positive guidance on this another other forum, so posting here. Few points to note

1) Parking on road, space is always an issue

2) Budget restricted. I was at 5 L but I will have to push to buy the Swift. The Brio is only available in S MT variant ex-stock and at the same cost as the Swift

3) Mostly city driving and not everyday. Less than 150km weekly. Want a nice peppy car which is maneuverable and easy to drive for a inexperienced but not novice driver but also gives good mileage

4) Only occassional national highway or express way driving

3) Looking at the Vxi model only. Want power windows, power steering, front disc brakes, music, central locking with remote. Alloy wheels, Electrical adjusted ORVM are not required.

3) Brio's maintainence costs are high I am told

4) Ritz's quirky looks, so I am told resale value will be lower. But many owners swear bu the Ritz. Also , when I checked I found very few low mileage Ritz available in the 2nd hand marked implying that owners are quite satisfied with it

5) The Swift will be a much bigger car than the Wagon R I am used to- both wider and longer by a foot

6) Car should be low maintainence

7) Car should have good road visibility

8) I know the Ritz has a blind spot due to the rear pillars. But I rarely look back while parking, only gauge the distance from the wall on the passenger side. I mostly use mirrors

9) I dont really want to race. I like relaxed peaceful driving

I am getting quite confused. Sometimes I feel I should just buy a new Wagon R but I am not sure whether I will be too satisfied with it. Kindly recommend what I should do


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Hello there Ameyam,

Go for the Swift VXi. Hassle free ownership. Great maintenance, resale value. This should be your choice.

Brio OTOH, has everything you want but maintenance is not that good. A Swift on average will cost around 20k in 5 years on maintenance whereas A brio will need 35k on the same.

Swift facelift is around the corner, you might as well wait for it. Launch expected in Nov-Oct

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After a lot of (and lot of and still more lot of) thinking and reading through the catalogs I noticed a few points

1) The Swift is the better driver's car where as the cheaper Ritz is VFM

2) Though heavier, the Swift absorbs the road better than the Ritz

3) Both Zxi versions are ruled out. Fully loaded but fully expensive

4) The Swift is more expensive but has a better return on investment at the time of resale. Thats also the reason to come off the Brio

5) There is a major concern that the Ritz isint selling and the ones that are available may be ex-stock manufactured in 2013. Wouldnt this create an issue with depreciation in resale?

5) The only difference between the LXI and VXI versions is the manual v/s power windows. I would rather raise \ lower the windows manually instead of spending the additional 30+k for that

6) All versions of the Ritz except the Zxi have manually adjusted ORVMs. The Swift LXI model has manually adjusted mirrors whereas the VXI has electrically adjusted ones. Again, I would rather adjust the mirrors manually asI do in my current car. That in effect levels the field for the Ritz VXI v/s Swift LXI models as the price difference is about 30K and the Swift is the better car. Another point of note is that if the mirror is damaged by another vehicle in traffic, replacing a electrically adjusted mirror is more expensive than the manual ones. I just did one on my Waggie and it cost me Rs 500 including installation for an original mirror

6) Neither version comes with a music system and speakers installed. I asked and the showroom is willing to install my recently upgraded system into the new car. Then I can get a couple of basic speakers and get on with it

7) There is an "Elate" VXI version of the Ritz launched in 2014. This has two advantages over the normal VXI- firstly, its got a 2Din dash integrated music system with bluetooth, USB and Aux along with 4 speakers and secondly, it comes with rear parking sensors. This eliminates the biggest gripe with users- lack of rear visibility. If I was to get the Ritz I would have a rear camera or a sensor system installed anyway This car is just 15K more than the VXI. If I buy the plain VXI and add a stereo and speakers with rear parking sensors, the cost will be the same. If I get one, even with a waiting period (thats there anyway with the Ritz), I will be sure to get a 2014 model. I havent asked regarding availability though

8) Both the LXI models also dont have rear seat head rests which I dont hink is really a deal breaker for a mostly city car

9) The Lxi models dont have body coloured door handles. Not a deal breaker at all. I can easily fit aftermarket chrome handle covers or something

10) The Lxi model doesnt have a tach. Again I dont feel that much of an issue. I never had a tach on the Waggie anyway

11) The Lxi models dont have central locking. I plan to have the same installed through the dealership- it costs 6k

To summarise, I would rather buy the Swift LXI or the Ritz Elate version. If I get the Lxi Swift, I will put in my own header unit and a couple of decent speakers along with a central locking. I can then upgrade the car with better speakers at a later date. It all hinges on the testdrive at another dealership tomorrow and the final rates. What do you guys think?


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I booked a Vxi swift glistening gray color. One thing is raking my brain though- i booked a non-ABS version because of cost and because the sensor often breaks in city while going through pot holes i am told. But now people are also saying the the ABS version has better brake bite. The TD car was a zxi with ABS and the brakes were phenomenal. Should i go back & change over to an ABS model. The difference is about 3 loan installments and worth it if the non-ABS cars have weak brakes


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