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Dear All

Though I am familiar with Specs of popular cars, I request your suggestion for my New car. My car << a sedan

I opt for a Diesel car as I feel that performer Petrol cars are restricted to Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai and Honda, by adding 1 lakhs to the budget. By doing so my list is extended with Ford, VW, Fiat,Skoda and you may add more like Mahindra

Budget restricted to on the road 8 Lakhs with a tolerance of plus-minus 5%

My Prime requirements are ; Fairly Safe, Fitting to my Budget, Decent performance, handling and fuel economy, Very good After - S&S, comparable spare part prices, Good looks, normal resale value

Following are my short listing (

1. Honda Amaze Diesel with minimal ABS

2. Swift Dzire

3. Hyundai..xcent

4. VW CL Polo

5. Fiat 90 bhp / Multijet

6.Ford Figo

7. Tata Zest. (please give inputs to like this Car)

8. Fabia with ABS with or without airbags

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I had a test drive of Swift Desire VDI today. I think it is a good decision to go forward with VDI as it has ABS whereas VXI don't have ABS. The price difference between these two models will account for this added feature and fuel economy. And I believe diesel model will get a good resale value also.

I am waiting for the test drive of Amaze, which is scheduled tomorrow.

now my comparison is restricted with Dzire and Amaze. Many says that the maintenance cost of VW Polo is high which I am not sure about.

I got a look at Cias. Oh she is so beautiful.. But cannot go for it due to budget restrictions

I had a test drive of Diesel Figo. It is also quite impressive, but steering I did not like as it is a little resistive

I request your suggestions please., to decide with to bring a car to my family, during this festival season

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Librankur what's shootout . did you mean television. Please post the link. I am also considering Ford Classic, but ABS comes in the top end only. Frankly I did not much like the looks and space in both Dzire and Amaze but within the budget, these are the only two that could be approached for. Safety is one of the top priority for me, I don't know the built quality of Amaze. Please help

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I think based on your requirements, you should be opting between Amaze or Zest.

Amaze has been in for a while now. You could see and get more about pros n cons for real time customers. It is spacious, Fuel efficient, reliable and with a 8 lac budget you can get airbag and ABS both in sx variant which comes under 8L.

Zest is a new kid. I have test drove it personally. and I really liked it. Btw. I have tried my hands on both - Amaze and Zest. Zest has more refined engine than the Honda i-Dtech. Yes, MJD from FIAT is best engine in term of NVH. Zest is spaciaous, fit and finish is improved over past TATA cars. 90 BHP MJD is very responsive as well, the NVH level are just superb when you compare it with Amaze. Zest is fitted with 8 JBL speakers n music system. So you can enjoy the drive always.

When I enquired about price in Gurgaon...the guy told me it is 7.80 L for top end ex showroom.

One + which Zest has and non of others have is that Zest has an option of AMT tranmission which means you can drive it in Manual as well as in Auto mode both. that is too without clutch. This is a first in class feature.

I would still stongly recommend you to go for Zest.

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