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planning to buy a new car

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The cars you have listed belong to different cateogries yet in same price range.

Amaze is a good car and the petrol enigne it comes with is class leading. The performance it gives and the fuel efficiency figure for a 90ps engine are really respectable and worth it. Amaze is a sub four meter notchback and if you need a car that could fit in your family in comfort for long and short stints and also carry some more luggage at same costs of ownership then opt for Honda. But you will have to ditch the driving pleasure that you get in a small hatchback like swift.

Swift on the other side is a fun hatchback, front seats are superb, petrol motor is willing to redline performance and the cockpit is designed for the driver to have some enthusiastic driving around. The car is really good to drive and the handling ride combo will make you go crazy for it;s price. But, on the downside you have ti leave behind the practicality of space and boot size that Amaze offers you. Carrying family in Swift is kind of cumbersome especially for the rear passengers.

Also Swift enjoys the renowned Maruti's peace of mind ownership but Honda is not far behind and has now achieved nearly a same level of ownership backup. Buying a Honda would not be a bad decison at all. :)

Choose wisely!

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