Which SUV should I buy? Terrano, Duster or Scorpio?

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The choice depends upon your usage of vehicle. If daily commute is your priority plus you need some plenty of space for long weekend trips with family and a usable size that is easy to park and have an engine that is reliable and cost efficient to run than you can opt for the Renault Duster or Nissan Terrano. Both cars are same underneath but there is a difference of badigng. Renault Duster has been in the market from a long time now and soon is going to get a mid life facelift bu again the time for that is not comfort. Being present in market from such a long time Duster has created it's own niche and the resale values of Duster has gone much higher. So choosing between Duster and Terrano. I woould suggest to go for the Duster which also now has recnetly been launched with a four wheel drive system in case you like off roading ocasionally.

Scorpio has undergone through a hosts of changes from chassis to interiors. If you need an utterly proved big heavy SUV and you like to travel with your family more oftenly or like off roading then opt for Scorpio. Big powerful engine and plenty of torque would never make you feel less over power. Comfort, space, power are it's main highlight's. On the flipside you have high service costs and parts costs plus the fuel efficiency would leave you wanting much and much more.

So dpending upon needs you can opt.

Talking of options, at this range, you have Tata Safari Storme and again it's an Full Flash SUV and not an Urban SUV and car mix like Duster and Terrano.

Choose wisely! :)

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Need a compact SUV. Budget max. 13 lacs. Already have e class, honda city and polo.

Travelling around 2000-3000 kms monthly.

Importance to ride quality, interiors, mileage,safety and passenger comfort

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