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A crazy modification: 100 BHP Bajaj RE Autorickshaw with fake weapons

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Here is something you dont see everyday. A You Tube user who goes by the name of “colinfurze” bought a Bajaj RE autorickshaw of Ebay and transformed it into a 100 BHP monster. How? By fiiting the engine of a Honda CBR600RR motorcycle into it

He reinforced and modified the chassis of the Auto to handle the additional power but it is not sure how much the little RE can take. Only the bigger exhaust pipe and larger tyres can spill the bean that there is something different about this machine

This special RE can do powers slides and even wheelies as seen in the pic below and do doughnuts etc all says Colinfurze.

Getting inspired by the Far Cry 4 video game where you ca attack the oponents with a Tuk tuk eqipped with weapons, he has gone a step ahead mounted four mechanized toy guns,and a rear-mounted flame thrower. You can even see fake missiles on the roof :)

Imagine what would happen if our local auto drivers got hold of this special rick

Here are the pictures:

Here are links to his videos


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