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Fully loaded hatch or entry level sedan? What would you buy?

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The hatchback market in India is no longer what it used to be. Premium hatches are the in thing now and the top end variants come loaded with all the goodies one could ask for. The prices of these cars touch close to those of entry level C segment sedans leave alone the sub 4 metre segment.

In our country a sedan always gives the feeling of a BIG car while a hatch however loaded is looked upon as a small car.

If given a choice, what would you buy? A top end variant of a premium hatch (Polo, Elite i20) or a base variant of a sedan (Etios, Sunny, Vento etc)


Lets hear it from you guys

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Me and my Dad were in a similar dielma when we were comparing between Swift ZDI 2011 and Sx4 Vdi ..We ended up with the swift ZDi for the following reaons

1-> ABS, EBD, Alloys , Factory fitted music system, Airbags .

2-> Primary difference is the interior space and the boot space, In fact we compromised in both the facets when we went in for Swift ZDI but we are immensely happy with the decision we took since, boot space is hardly a matter ( For our use )

3-> Driving shouldn't be that much of a difference.

4->Considering the fun to drive quotient , a peppy hatchback ( Polo 1.5 TDI, Elite i20 ) is a lot of fin rather than a underpowered entry level sedan ( Etios , Sunny )

5-> Look wise there shouldn't be any level of comparision between a Polo ( Solid Built ) / Elite i20( Trendy ) and a Etios ( skinny and blunt IMO :P )

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It's has become a pretty common question nowadays, I guess.

Having said that numerous times in the past, I'd opt for a fully loaded hatch anyday over a entry level C sedan. Safety, premium features are on top of my requirements list nowadays.

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Yup a loaded hatch anyday.

The sub 4 meter hatches nowadays have almost the equivalent amount of space as the entry level sedans.. Lets leave Sunny and Etios out here..

The quality you get, the premium interiors, the safety features and let's not forget the amazing design elements the card these days have to offer!

I'd go by the simple fact that I get a safe hatch than a compromised sedan!

I bought a Ford Fiesta Classic recently but opted for the top trim to get the safety features.. And that a boot was necessary.. On a shoe string budget.. Not delighted.. But certainly happy at my purchase..

After all, this isn't my last car ☺

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