Mumbai SpeedRun Attendance


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Please confirm your attendance at the SpeedRun which is to be held on the 1st and 2nd of March 2008 at the same venue as last year's - Kharghar.


Put down your names in this thread and we will arrange for a pass for you. Also please note, only 1 pass per member will be given out.


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And can MANISH keep a pass for me?


Manish is a very nice and Helpfull person. trust him




i really want to attend the speed run.. but i have my exams from 3rd march. i wish my exams get postponed.....smiley2.gif


MAN you guys are so gullible... like I don't know who FRG/Manish is.
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hey.....i m vry delighted 2 attend d speed run...but ma exm starting soon n...classes also der ...nyways i'll bunk classes. smiley2.gif... hey it is frm 9.30 to?

n hey can we members get a free pass.. n whn will we get it n frm whom..?

plzz let me knw

but i guess maximum participant's  ride will b ZEN smiley1.gif

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