Mumbai SpeedRun Attendance

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hey FRG i hav collected d pass......but i wanted 2 ask dat is der some diff. arrangement fr dis pass holders... n dis pass is fr both d days naah....n does it starts sharp at 10.30a.m .smiley1.gif

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The passes are VIP passes. There will be seating available for these passes along side the track. They are valid for both the days.


Due to the limitation on the number of passes, only those who have put their names down in this thread above this post will be eligible for passes. Member names are mentioned below.



Quatro (PM)


micheal schume



kalzz arjun

chilled fire

max keith


These members please check your PM box. I have sent you a unique number. Please quote that number when collecting the pass. These members may pick up their passes from Zander/Donald at the venue itself.


Also please note. If these passes aren't collected by tomorrow, these will be given away. Thank you.



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hey FuelRunGod  y din i met u b4 ???????

damm !!!

u just returned form the SPEED RUN rt now

and was really dissapointed anout the arrangements ,,,,,,, i desperately wanted the

passes !!!

right now as soon  as i came from the event i first got on the computer and

googled for the procedure to obtain VIP passes 4 the event ! and i thus

crashed into this site :D

dammmmmmmmmm !!!!!

i regret y din i do this before ?????

neways it is really generous of u to send out passes 4 the needed :D

probably u cud arrange me the passes 4 the next year event

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