Brio(automatic) battery trouble

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I am sharing this experience to know and find out if such experience is normal.

It is with regards to Brio(automatic) battery drain. Can a small car like Brio(automatic) battery go complete flat, I mean zero reading on multimeter, if car is left unused for 3weeks in climate condition like Hyderabad (temp. around 15 deg. Celsius to 25 deg. Celsius)?

Would be helpful to know your experience and any suggestions.



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HI! Vijender welcome aboard Autocar forum.

I have Honda Amaze and last time when we went out for approximately for a month and after coming back, my car started with out any trouble. I did not measure the voltage but the engine started.

I think some gadget, in standby condition, is drawing some current and your car's battery is draining. Now a days clamp meter(accessory) is available for measuring the direct current too.

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Thanks! Vikky

I'm making use of normal digital meter and following are my observations so far:

1. Normal reading of new battery is 12.46V

2. After 2days of non-usage, this has dropped to 12.28V

3. The day recharged battery was replaced, the parasitic draw (battery drain) was 0.11mAmp. This reading was taken immediately after switching off the car. Yet to check battery drain once again, but there is not much significant drop in volt reading yet.

4. Alternator output with full load (AC, and Radio on) is 14.4V approx

5. There are no after market accessories installed. This is stock car with usual central locking, radio, and immobiliser etc.

Planning to wait another day or two and then take a reading once again to find out the cause.

Any additional thoughts and inputs would be mighty helpful. Would like to get this resolved for once. As this issue has been troubling us for as long as almost 3yrs. and as per Honda it is normal for Brio to go flat if car is not used for 3 weeks period. Some how I do not buy this.

Appreciate your time and inputs.

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Well, It's been sometime since last post.

Thought must share this further inputs and analysis from my side, since Honda and its Customer Care (Honda 121) and its Hyderabad dealer (Pride Honda) been too busy to worry over 2year old issue.

1. On an average battery been losing 0.14V on daily basis. At this rate it is losing almost a Volt per week. Most often than not a battery below 11.5V would hardly have enough cranking amps to start an engine.

2. Most DMM (Digital Multimeter) will not be able to measure CCA (Cold Cranking Amperage) required to measure start a engine. You can only use them to measure Volt or Amperage. In previous step we already saw avg. loss of volt. This was done over a period of 7 days after replacing bad battery with fully charged one.

3. Now to measure if battery was losing any amperage more than required? Well mostly hatchbacks in India are equipped with things like- Central locking, Radio, ABS, Clock, anti-theft/engine immobilizer and on board ECU. All in all, they are not expected to draw more than 40-50 milliAmps when car is completely switched off. Anything above this would mean something is wrong with the car's electrical. And this can run battery flat in almost 2 weeks time.

4. Now, most of the above should help and in case anyone is interested in finding out battery CCA at any point of time, I believe respective service station should be able to help. Otherwise, you can also look at tool which are known as conductance tester, these are expensive in India as portable ones are still not that popular here in India.

Few of the websites that have been very informative and helpful were, thanks to these:

(you tube video, pretty helpful)

This is really so annoying and shameful that Honda is not the same Honda that at least I'd known some 5 years back. They have become another car co. which does not care of there customers and their complaints. Do you believe they have no mechanism to escalate customer grievances.

I am happy that there is internet and people who don't take no for an answer. Only way to safeguard us is by sharing knowledge and experiences.

Hope it helps us all!

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Hi Vikky,

I'm not sure of it what you mean.

Just food for thought, will this happen with every replaced battery? This is 5th battery in last 2 year usage. Still, would be good to rule this out. Will check and share results.

Also, would like to share a link with all HONDA car owners:

This is about a defective Driver Side Airbag in Brio, Amaze and CRV cars manufactured between Sept'11 and July'14.

Would be good to check your cars and be safe! Better these things work when needed, so would be good to make sure this is fixed at earliest.

Once, again thanks for taking timeout and going through this thread.

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5 batteries in 2 years is so very much. And Honda not giving a damn about these issues nowadays is no big thing, TBH. I've a friend whose radiator was damaged, Honda took more than a month for replacing it.

Regarding your problem, I think the best way to find the problematic part is by removing a fuse, one at a time until you see the excess drain drop off.

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Thanks LeoRahi for stopping by.

Yes, I intend to do that and check for problematic fuse. I checked the one next to battery and they look like soldered ones and not what we can pick by pliers. Other fuse box, I believe must be behind the glove box but yet to confirm with manual. Hope those fuses are removable ones.

Guess, slowly all manufacturer are following down south route in terms of customer care. Imagine there's been no response from SIAM and JDPowers as well. They choose not to respond to an email/twitter.

Now, exchange and share information is best and forget all about those extended warranty.

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