Ownership review: New Bajaj Avenger 220

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It was tough for me when the day arrived to let go of my Pulsar 180 which I owned for 3 and a half years. But the sorrow lasted only till I saw the Blue Avenger 220 at the Bajaj showroom.

I too had confusions when it came to choosing the right bike which suited my riding style. 3 options hit my head. The Pulsar 200NS, KTM Duke 200 and the Avenger 220. I, being a tourer, and not much inclined towards speeding, instantly decided on the Avenger over the other 2.

10 days later, I feel that I haven't made a wrong choice. The Avenger is a bean bag on wheels, more focussed on rider comfort and a decent cruising speed too, for me to go into new unexplored areas around me.

I'll give a detailed review after I ride it extensively around for about a 1000 or 2000 kms, which won't take long I guess :P


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Hello. Cool bike. :) Is the ride comfortable? I've never driven a bike before, only a moped. And, I want my first bike to be Bajaj Avenger. I've seen other bikes (Hyosung, Thunderbird), but I never liked it as much as I liked Avenger. Avenger has that charm which I can't resist, and, I think it is the only cruiser bike with less weight.

Bajaj has been bringing in new models of "Pulsar". Will we be able to see a new model of "Avenger" within the next 2 years? Many new cruiser bikes are coming to the market. And, why is Bajaj Avenger not in White colour? I've heared that Black colour heats up the bike. :)

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