Chevy Sold me a Lemon Beat Diesel

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Hi Guys,

I’m writing this after failing to get my car’s series of mysterious issues rectified. Patiently used my car for 2.5 years with all these issues with 2-3 visits to the service every month with temporary rectifications… since 26 June 14 more than 6 months’ car remains in service. GM/ KHT service are is unsure about the car status, they themselves are puzzled and unaware about the cause of so many technical issues in the car, they claims the car is a running product and will get spoilt and will be further repaired, In other words, will frequent service station and remain unreliable forever.

I requested them to drive the car for a few thousand KMs and rectify the car completely. But though they had the car with them multiple times in the first 2 years of purchase and in spite of having it in their service for last complete 6 months, they neither drove the car nor they took any corrective step. They just threw a 2 yr extended warranty and ask me to keep visiting when issues arise.

Car – Chevrolet Beat LS Diesel

Bought – Jan 2012

Driven – 36000 kms, between Jan 2012 till 26 June 14

Registration – KA 02 MG 316, Bangalore

Series of Mysterious Issues listed below – with struggle and solution.

1. Toxic smell from AC

a. Time - During first few weeks of purchase

b. Time frame of struggle - many many visits and say two or three months

c. How we arrived at the Remedy

i. Visited trident service – was told, common in new car, so didn’t mind much.

ii. Again few more visits to Trident service, and also to Front line service, no one was listening nor they had clue what’s it

iii. Visited again to Trident, Spoke in person the AC mechanic of Trident service – “yours is new car Saab, is it your first car? So you don’t know, this is plastic smell”, so I promptly drove with the
for another few thousands.

iv. Unable to bear the toxic gas leak finally called the sales person (Raghavendra) who sold the car, he gave the contact of Mr. Naveen (service head Trident), Mr. Naveen (very busy with loads of cars from other old dealers who had closed selling Chevy had loaded at Trident service) told it’s fungus, and to switch off AC few min before parking car.

v. Solution didn’t work - They asked show the smell when it was taken to service. But it never comes up when taken to service.

vi. Many mails and finally asked Mr. Naveen to keep the car (full tanked) with him for his own personal daily use till he understood the problem; left the car at trident. Few days later I was told it would be rectified and after a few days of work on it, was told not to worry as the leaking evaporator or something was replaced.

2. Spanner light/ MIL coming once in a while

Time – say it’s a Permanent gift by Chevy around 1
year end

b. Since trident were not cooperative shifted to frontline , but still was not that comfortable, and tried KHT peenya service and settled there as I got some support . This issue of MIL was just once in a thousand kms. Was rectified as air filter issue or something, even then this issue were coming repeatedly but seen only for few mins, once in a month or so.

3. Tail lamp has water inside

a. Water leakage into Tail lamp

Tail Lamp Replaced
done at KHT Peenya

4. Metal rubbing sound at front

a. Time – an year after purchase

b. Had to visit 3 times KHT to explain them the issue, few kms of road test.

c. Finally they accepted its Front Shocks issue and would be changed under warranty.

d. Material ordered, 15 days later one more visit to get
Front Shocks replaced.

5.MIL light became frequent

a. After 1.5 years of purchase

b. Visited KHT service multiple times to get this rectified, have lost lots of time and patience doing so.

c. They reset the ECU many times by connecting the laptop, but issue never solved, as they could not diagnose.

6.Whistle sound on pressing of clutch when car moving.

a. After 1.5 years of purchase alongside the
MIL Light permanently SWITCHED ON
(Sl. No.2 & 5)

b. Reduces after 2 months, which is on frequent visits for MIL Light.

7.Car loses grunt/ Pickup on highway 60 kmph onwards, feels dead and powerless.

a. I requested them to check the Turbo and replace if defective

b. But they blame the electrical/ sensors

8. Vibration sound in dash top left and driver door.

a. Time- since purchase

b. Never been able to rectify

c. Lived with it considering it being a 3 pot diesel

d. Finally got resolved after 2 years 3 months when car was for in KHT for MIL and power loss

9. Engine light starts glowing alongside issues Sl. No. 2, 5 & 7.

a. Time – 2 year 3 months after purchase

b. The instrument console had turned to a disco light say a serial set, with car behaving weird synchronized with the warning lights blinking.

c. KHT Peenya suspected it to be air sensor issue two months ago. Had visited the service and car was used very less to avoid any further damage till the sensor arrived at the service. Finally the
sensor was replaced
but in just a day again the issue came up as is.

d. After another few visits - Next they suspect electrical problem, so they decided to replace the complete wiring harness. Item ordered.

e. Happy that KHT at least responded and asked to give the vehicle again for service again for few days gave it for service again on 26
of June 14, after few days I got a call that the
turbo hose, turbo metal hose will be changed and the Electrical Wiring Harness ordered but was not replaced (as I had suspected about turbo).

The car is still (26 June 2014 to till date) in service, they seem to have changed further parts but they are still not clear that the car won’t get rid of its series of mysterious issues.

over and above they now they say the oil service has to be done every 75000 kms unlike the earlier promise of 15000 kms

looks like there is some serious issue in my car

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@deepak, you seem to have lot of patience !!

The car definitely seems to be a lemon.

If I would have been in your place, I would have demanded a complete overhaul/checking of the car (in a defined time frame) OR a new replacement car.

Did you escalate the matter to higher levels as that seems to be the only way in India to get things done?

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deepakds, what I can think of smell from the air con is not from the leaking gas, the system has approx.300g of gas that would finish is a day or two, depending on the leak. Gas leak means no cooling. As correctly said the evaporator fins must be clogged with the dirt and fungal growth. Remedy is that the evaporator has to be removed from place and thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Cabin filter to be placed prior using the air-conditioning. The turbocharger does not get clogged or fouled with in 2 years of running.

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thanks Vikky, but this issue was seen in the first two weeks of purchase. if the same had come up after 2 years i wouldnt have worried so much.

actually it looks like there is some serious issues with Chevy engines - they have now changed the oil service interval from 15k kms to 7.5k kms.

when i went to purchase only 3 cars had this long oil service interval Punto, Polo and Beat. I bought considering the high fuel efficiency but got stuck with so many mysterious issues that GM them selves still dont know the reasons.

moreover at the service i have seen them piling engines and replacing engines to many cars (may be Enjoy and Sail)

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