Pics: Modified Kinetic Luna "Luna-tic"

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This is something you dont see everyday. A humble Kinetic Luna moped transformed into something wild.

This is a 1990 Kinetic Luna moped. Mr. Anslem bought the Luna for INR 2000 from scrap and spent INR 10,000 on this built. All the parts were procured by himself without any outside help. He says, ” I was quiet fascinated by this moped mainly due to its cycle and old school look. So I decided to modify it and did a lot of Google search before I finalised on what I actually wanted and sourced all the never to be found parts. The moped was completely broken down in my building parking lot, painted and assembled back again. For a small 50 cc engine it definitely runs well and makes heads turn while I take it for a spin.”

Looks crazy but its a job tastefully done for sure...



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