Royal Enfield Classic 350 - Initial check up


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I am about to collect my first bike, the Royal Enfield Classic 350 from the dealership. I don't know much about the functioning and running of the bike but intend to learn this by experience.

Could you please share your thoughts on what are the aspects of the bike should I be looking at while picking up the bike. They say, you need to do a through check before taking the bike home.

I would like to check these things and make sure everything is working fine before leaving the dealership.


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I have taken delivery of RE Classic 350 in April & here are the things i checked.

- Documentation(Sale copy, Insurance Original, Form 21, 22 etc - which are needed for Registration)

- Engine, chasis number mentioned on documents matching with numbers on Bike.

- Electricals, Battery(self start), Lights, Indicators

- Fuel ( they will surely say fuel is already added - sometimes they don't, make sure there is enough fuel to reach nearby station)

- Tyres (no mud, no marks etc)

- Body panels, make sure there are no scratches etc)

- Additional fittings (crash guard, saree guard, side handle & others as promised)

These are pretty much up.

Happy thumping.

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