Audi R8 destroyed by Angry Wife!

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Found this article circling around on the net..

Take a moment to look at these photographs of an Audi R8 that's been damaged beyond recognition. No, it wasn't a crash apparently but it certainly could have been a burn.

According to unconfirmed reports, an angry wife who caught her husband cheating on her vented her anger on the car (price - almost Rs. 1.7 crores). From smashing the windows and tail lights to breaking the panels to keying the car, the damage to the car is irreversible. To top it all, there's a smiley face drawn with a substantial amount of cussing to add insult to injury.



And that's just on the outside. On the inside, the leather seats are slashed, the wires are pulled out and the infotainment is missing. Filled with debris, it seems like the car was left open for a while after the attack.



Whodunnit? And was it really a wife out for revenge? We ask the same. Because we don't know where the photos were taken or when this happened.

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