Pics: Taxis from around the world

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Thought it might be a good idea to have a thread on various taxis from aroumd the globe. Its interesting to see what cars are used. Here are some from my side

First our very own desi Ambassador


Columbia uses Daewoo Matiz' as cabs

The old classic Beetle is used as a cab in Mexico

This probably might be the most expensive taxi ride around. A Maybach taxi in Moscow

The Ford Crown Victoria in NYC has been replaced by this, the Nissan NV200 (Evalia in India)

Here are taxis used in France

Shanghai China uses locally made VW cars as taxis

Mercedes E Class taxis are seen ferrying passengers in Germany

The Toyota Crown is the cab of choice in Tokyo Japan

And this weird looking contraption with two seats is used as a cab in Cuba.



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Dubai has got to have some of the craziest car collection, be it personal cars, taxis or even crazy police cars like the Lambo.  But its quite an eerie feeling to just get into one of these drones all by yourself, punch in your destination and hope that it knows its way!  Who's flying!!! :unsure:

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