why Merc B Class is a failure in India

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Hi recently had a test drive in Merc Bclass ,


To be very good Versatile City Car with

Good Luggage area To Airports Carrying Luggage

With its Tall design Easier to Access Exit & Entry into car should be easier,

Finally should be Good Family Car


No proper luggageSpace in BOOT as Spare wheel sits on the Floor ( Missing Wheel Well )

2nd Row of seats are positioned Low on the Floor Despite you have Ample Head room ,

Seats are Narrow

Mercedes we have maintenece costs .

Hope they correct

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I think India is still not matured enough to digest a hatchback costing more than 30+ lacs on road.

1 series, A/B Class, Audi A3 etc were all introduced with the purpose of alluring young people into these premium brands.

But still these continue to sell in lesser numbers even when compared to their own stables premium offerings like C class, 3 series, A4 etc.

And I don't blame customers, they have much better alternatives (except for brand image) to choose from like Superb, Jetta, Octavia, Camry, Fortuner, SantaFe etc.

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Only a matter of time when VW and its cousin company Skoda launch their all new respective Indian range toppers - the Passat and the Superb in the market. Both are extremely good cars and have the potential to make life tough for not only the A class, the B class, and the A3 but also put the potential buyers of the CLA, the C class, the 3 series, and the A4 into a dilemma.

A lot would depend upon the powertrains that find their way into the Indian variants though.

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I too felt this B class will be big hit ,Hpw ever you must have noticed the Ignorance of Merc R&D guys On How they view indian market

They take it granted Unlike Japanese manufacturers ,

Think it's 2 nd or 3rd quick facelift for this model and I except More to come .

Suspension softening + Ride height increasing + Boosting up power .

Despite all this what it needs further is ,

To hide away spare wheel in a Wheelwell, And give clean boot space to carry luggage

Positioning Rear seats a bit Higher As there is plenty of headroom ,

Pricing , Taking out Panaromic sun roof and giving it as option .

All this will help to clock numbers

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Problem of B Class is that it doesn't look luxurious it looks like a big hatch or a big van.

The way Mercedes gave treatment A Class design the same treatment should be given to B Class also.

B Class is plain jane and not looking exclusive from any angles.

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