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JLR Spare Parts Management

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My boss is contemplating on buying the Jaguar XF diesel as he already has owned the BMW, Merc, Audi and Volvo V40.

I tried to tell him about the poor spare parts support for JLR but he is not convinced, Even with celebrity have often cried foul play in public he still wants a Jag.

The model which he is interested in is the XF 3.0 even though the cost is significant. I recommended the 2.2lt D as it is locally assembled in India.

He asked me to do a search on how the parts management is done for a CKD and CBU. Also how does JLR classify their spare parts. IMO the 2.2 will have better service but 3lt engine is too good to ignore.

Do JLR follow a hub-scope model? also what will be the long time support model for for spare parts for older models in India as well as in Europe.

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