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Cars in India before H. M Ambassador?

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I know there were Benz's way before the H.M Ambassadors (Cause my grandpa told me a story about how he drove one @ >100 Km/hr. cause of a bet and almost lost his job cause the same guy complained)

Piaggio also had cars which were being used as taxis back then, during the Portuguese Era; and if you owned one you'd be the proud owner of the nickname (sadly, I know that my great grandfather was called "Pijjio" cause he had one but I don't even know his real name)

and Carreros... bus/tempo like thingies that had a baker's "hand-horn". Apparently, there's this story that the Old Ambi's had a horn sounding similar to the baker's cycle horn cause electronic one's were illegal back then.

A few years after the Ambassador....

There was this Contessa which was sold by HM motors themselves. As far as I've heard, it was some sort of "premium" car and everyone complained of how the darn thing overheated and stalled cause the radiator was placed too far back.

In two wheelers, you can't have not heard about Lambretta. These were like driveable fashion statements.

Same time they sold "Priyas". Decent looking orange colored scooters.

Good days...

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Nice to hear that India had Mercedes cars before. I remember seeing all the cars launched after H. M Ambassador I remember seeing H. M Contessa I had really liked it, but I was sad :( after hearing that Ambassador & Contessa were just a remake of British Morris & Vauxhall Victor. I didn't see Lambretta but i saw Priya scooters. I always used to get confused between Priya scooter and Bajaj scooter.

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