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I finally got fed up with the idiotic way our Taxis drive and thought I'd vent it by writing a Drivers guide.

Ironically, it came out pretty good and now I plan on giving it to my sis while teaching her to drive.

So it'd be nice if someone could review and suggest modifications.

(I've linked it instead of an attachment cause I keep tweaking it)

What was surprising though (or probably not considering it's India) is that after I went through the CMV 1989, I realised that none of the driving schools actually teach people what they're supposed to teach. Practically one shouldn't be able to complete all the portion in just 28 days. Even 3 months seem too less, in my opinion. Drivers are just baked by the dozen, as long as they can move the car. No wonder the roads are filled with idiots.

How many people have even had a glance at Section 118 of MVA (Rules and Regulations Act)?

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Excellent write up. Highly informative.

Just did a Mumbai- Goa- Mumbai last week and I can certainly confirm that there are too many idiots on our roads. ( Not that I needed this trip to realise that) Is there a way to eradicate or reduce reckless driving and infuse some common sense. My major concerns with driving in India are( its my time to vent :)

a. Lane driving/changing - is there a concept or a law which asks slow/heavy vehicles to keep extreme left. If there is then why are heavy/slow vehicles driving on the right and other heavy vehicles trying to overtake from left. As a fellow road user how can I educate them not to do that?

b. Overtaking - Why are cars overtaking on hills and curves, isn't that too dangerous, aren't they worried about their lives if not what about the other road users who are minding their lane and being safe. Why are they jeopardising other people's lives.

c. Speeding/Racing - For some reason I found puny cars trying to achieve top speeds and one could certainly realise the extreme stress the car was under. why not get a capable car?

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