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Why are luxury cars Shrinking in height ?

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I. Couldn't Understand Why ? My Dad wants to " DITCH". His Luxurious Mercedes S class to Toyota Innova ?

Thought he is crazy & old that's way back 6 years ago ,

But found he has a reason , Why he has to bend himself to get into car and strain ? Yes he has a Reason ,

Then I checked alternate cars finally I could located Mercedes R Class ,

Reason it's Taller with Wide opening Doors ,With more rear seat legroom ,

One day I was using this Mercedes R class and found Yes my Dad is Right ,

So when it comes to luxury Car Market Why cars are

Shortest and Sitting Low on ground ? Are they permitted to go higher speeds than other cars ?

NO ?

Do the rich people look into fuel effeciency ? maybe

What ever it is

I feel luxury cars are bought by many of an age starting well above 50+ ,

So Luxury need to look into

Taller cars where we can walk into them

Seats wide enough in all angles

More legroom

Less Sound into cabin ( low inCabin noise )

Smooth power delivery Unlike BMW

Nice cosseting suspension

To cross all speed humps

Good luggage room to Take 2 Large Suitcases Excepted by Business or 1 St Class Airlines .


Hope u all except on this luxury side of my talk.

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It's all aerodynamics. See, the lower the car is from the ground (The ground clearance), the faster the air must accelerate to squeeze underneath the car, and hence the pressure experienced by the car on the lower is less which results in greater suction effect of the car to the ground either the ride and handling improves to a huge extent.

And the other one is as simple as this. The lower the car height from the ground, the faster the car will move. This pic will help you understand this better.


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