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A Bubble car- popular in Europe in the 1960's

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Peel P50



would assume that an extreme car would be hunkered-down, close to the

ground, wide for stability, and possess a Herculean engine. This is

extreme for completely different reasons.

The P50 is 53 inches long, 39 inches wide, and weighs 59 kilograms; a current-generation BMW 328i Coupe at 180 inches long, 70 inches wide, and around 1500 kilograms completely dwarfs the diminutive Peel P50; heck, even today's "small cars" like the Mini are still gigantic in comparison.



engine: 49cc, 4.5 horsepower; by no means is this meant for high speed

use. 30 MPH is likely the fastest it'll ever go. Its speed and size,

however, are just fine in a town car. A nice bonus: the P50 boasts 100

miles to the gallon, while the 328i might do 20 MPG.

Comments by yours truly: We too had the Badal from Sipani Auto which was a fibre- bodies,three-wheeled bubble car, made in India in the mid- 1970's

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