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How good is the facelift Mahindra XUV 500, when compared to it's competitors?

Im planning on getting one SUV in this price segment. Let me know the best of the lot.

Hi Nikhil. After driving the facelift XUV a week ago, I can safely say that this New Age XUV500 is a competitive car. They have sorted out most issues (I own 2012 XUV500 W8 BTW) and the drive is very good. The engine is more responsive, the ride is supple, brakes are sharp and the gearbox feels more positive. The interior quality also sees a subtle improvement in quality.

Compared to all SUVS and crossovers in the 10-20 Lakh price bracket. The XUV500 is the best of the lot in terms of styling, features and overall performance.

Please go ahead and have a test drive and post your opinion.

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The Creata is going to be much competitive urban SUV.

With Hyundai, they're going to impress us by the technology they'll throw in. But considering ACI's report that it'll be launched in the price range of about 10-14, I'd better stick with an XUV considering I at least get a 7 seater and a much much bigger car.

Creata is not going to be small at 4.3 m but its still going to be size smaller to compete with the Duster, Terrano and Ecosport.

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