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Abarth Punto Evo 145bhp India bound - The Beast within

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Excited to read news about India bound Abarth Punto Evo.

Though this car is out of my reach the news itself is exciting as our Indian car scene is changing drastically and people don't shy away to spend a fortune amount for performance and don't consider VFM.

Fiat is in India for quite a long time and they have mainly focussed in selling their Diesel engines to TATA and Maruti. They introduced very limited cars but almost all the cars are worth the penny spent on them.

The main let down of FIat Cars is that Fiat failed to gain customer's confidence interms of reliable after sales support.

I remember the pleasure of driving Fiat Uno Diesel which was having 1.9L engine and it was real fun.

Fiat cars are always more for driving pleasure than for back-seat comfort be it Punto or Linea. With it's excellent road manners, responsive engine and suspension set-up Fiat cars are always fun to drive.

By introducing 145bhp Punto Fiat is creating a benchmark for other manufacturers.

Heard news that VW is also coming-up 1.8L POLO.

Let's see how Indian consumer give response to the Punto Evo 145bhp.

I feel Indian consumers should give this beast a chance, it is worth their precious money spent on it. If priced right Fiat can change it's fortune in India.

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Even current Linea T-Jet which puts out 114 bp retails above 9 lacs ex-showroom.

So i guess a car with 145 bhp, all round discs, better suspension etc will cost definitely above 10 lacs. My guess they might launch at 11.99 something.

Even with such pricing it will still be the best pick for an enthusiast.

Heck when Maruti can launch a so called premium S-Cross with performance driven 1.6 diesel and price it above 14 lacs then i think Fiat can certainly price this around 12 lacs.

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Quote from Mr.Sorabjee's Abarth Test drive

"Fiat is hinting at a sub-Rs 10 lakh price when it goes on sale this Diwali. Smiles per mile or bang for your buck, whichever way you look at it, Fiat fans and enthusiasts haven’t got it better."

That's a real good news for hot hatch enthusiasts.

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Hi Tejas. I am copying and pasting your line

The main let down of Fiat Cars is that Fiat failed to gain customer's confidence in-terms of reliable after sales support

How can they survive if excellent AS&S is not given. For any product in India, I feel it is like a cattle movement, rest of the cattle follows the one in front of it. And it have an important reason; some what practicality. I remember one ad, like " for some a car is only a car, but for some it is like a marriage". The pricing of Fiat cars are comparatively very good. It seems that the dealers are not gaining much from the company, and hence the dealers are not providing good support to the customers. In some cities it may have improved and I don't know where it has. My think-out is that compact sedan concept has damaged the market and hiked the price of not-so-luxurious sedans, and other premium hatches could not be sold in such a lower price.

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