How much in Chennai RTO's for a fancy number ?

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Hi Guys,

Anybody here knows what the Chennai RTO slabs are for fancy numbers (or do you have link to any online chart of the TN transport dept) as i could only find a govt chart for the MH transport dept.

The MH chart clearly states what type of numbers and lists the actual numbers with a general slab rate for that group of numbers. The slabs start at 5k and go right upto 1 lakh etc.

Unable to find a chart like that on the TN state govt site. Tried calling the RTO and speaking but they only said its a % of the vehicle value (which is true) and you can pay that and pick ANY number !

Im sure the person who answered has missed out something since i know a single number 9 and a 9009 has a difference in cost or in this case the percentage might be different dpending on which slab type (such as single number '9' '7', palindromic mirror numbers '9009' '1001' etc). Can anyone shed some light on the slabs ?


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