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Had a lot of free time on Sundays, so decided to do something creative and ended up deciding to paint the engine cover of my '07 Honda Civic 1.8V. Took me around an hour and is a totally DIY job with no expertise.

Step 1: Remove the engine cover from your car (mostly a couple of screws hold it there).

Step 2: Mask off or remove any decal and logos that are there on the engine cover.

Step 3: Use a glossy or matt rattle can spray paint (I preferred a gloss red).

Step 4: Spread a sheet of old newspaper and put the cover on it (you don't want to spoil your floor).

Step 5: Heat the rattle can with a hair drier so that the flow is even and no clotting takes place.

Step 6: Evenly spray a coat of spray paint and it let it dry in fan for about half an hour.

Step 7: Spray a second coat of paint and let it fully dry.

Step 8: After the paint has dried, carefully unmask or put back any decals or logos that you had removed earlier.

Step 9: Put the engine cover back in the car, and you're done.

I was liking the red engine cover so ended up painting the compressor head and the hose also in red colour.












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Nice mod there Diptanshu!

The end result looks really clean. You could have tried taping the rest to spray paint the white letterings as well. But this altogether gives a different look.

I hope you used a primer for the base.

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