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why are CrossOvers Becoming popular ?

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Cross overs are becoming popular ?

i feel Yes ,

Reason is,

They Offer Easy Access of Entry & Exit

They can cross Water Puddles better As the engines are placed slightly higher

GroundClearence is better than sedans So Easy cross over the Ramps & SpeedHumps

They are also being Fitted with Fueleffecient engines offering better mileage

New design concepts offering better Legroom Headroom & BootSpace.

Airy inside

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Cross-overs give a much needed feel-good factor in a car. The high-set seating position gives a better visibility on the road and a sense of security. When you are sitting low on a low-slung sedan like the Honda Civic in crowded city traffic like in Mumbai, you get a rather intimidating feeling!

Another reason is that cross-overs are relatively affordable than the larger SUVs, and also benefit from the "SUV" tag. Might is certainly right in India, and being in a cross over is much better than being in a tiny hatch or a sedan!

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Completely agree to Jithesh.

Might is right, the commanding view you get, the size you show on the road does help.

Since its a crossover, the comfort levels are pretty good too, sometimes even bettering a few sedan offerings. You get a little less tossed around in corners.

I myself was on the lookout for a Duster or a Terrano, but my wife does not like bullish looking cars a lot. Maybe for a next purchase, but it's going to be a crossover or an SUV for sure.

Now the options are plenty - Ecosport, Creta, Duster, Terrano, S-cross and this list will only keep growing.

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