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H D Owners Protest against faulty street 750

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There is an online petition doing the rounds started by a Delhi based harley Davidson street 750 owner, after he and some fellow HOGs suffered terrible crashes on account of the faulty brakes in the Street 750. The Company and its showrooms/dealers have been completely apathetic to the woes of the riders and have simply used this as yet another means to extort exorbitant sums of money to rectify the damage to the bikes, whereas what they should have done is to recall the bikes and rectify the faulty brakes.

Some riders have had very narrow escapes, including members of my riding group but repeated requests to Capital Harley Davidson have fallen on deaf ears.

some HOGS have now started a petition to HD India management

the URL for the petition is

We approached some auto mags to carry this story on account of the potential life threat to the riders, but i guess HD india advertising rupees are far more precious for some.

Since T-Bhp is neutral and impartial, we are now posting this here to raise awareness among the riders and hope that the HD management wakes up before its too late. God forbid should a rider have a fatal crash on account of the inherently defective bikes.

HD claims to have rectified the problem in the 2016 street 750 but have flatly refused to recall earlier bikes to retrofit the improved brakes. If this is not callousness and dereliction, then i dont know what is.

I am posting this on behalf of fellow HOGS. a lot of us dont ride street 750s but have decided to throw our weight behind fellow HOG brothers since the issue is much larger than just a particular bike model. (source:team-bhp)

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