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Cheap parts used in Honda bikes

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Today my neighbor gave me distress call, that hwis Honda activa won't stop. Normally the problem I face is, bike not starting, so went down to have a look. I tried removing the key but activa still running so removed the front panel and disconnected one of the terminal of battery and bike stopped. Our doubt went to the bike key switch but ruled out as this doesn't have frequent make and break contacts. Then we saw the two solenoids, one was written as indicator lamps and other relay had two thin wires and two thick wire, bingo! Starting relay. Tested the main contacts of the relay with the multimeter, found to be closed even in disconnected condition. After we tapped the relay few times the contacts opened and same confirmed with the multimeter. Now this fitted relay 05J10 was without any brand and all the relays were out of place and not secured as would be when in new condition. These are so called authorised Honda service centres. Highly unprofessional!


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