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Courts now give nod for issuance of NOC for sale of 10 years old diesel vehicles outside delhi

It may be noted that earlier after NGT order banning 10 year old vehicles , even these NOC were stopped from being issued to such vehicles , causing much hardship to the vehicle owners as the sudden order and no NOC meant that they will remain stuck with the vehicles

Now they can easily sell vehicles outside Delhi and cut their losses a bit.

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New Directive for CNG Kits installation

New directive wants BS1 and BS2 to be out of the list of vehicles allowed to be fitted with a CNG KIT.

ONLY BS3 AND BS4 Vehicles will be allowed to get a CNG kit installed that too with prior permit approval from the transport authority.

Directive for both petrol and diesel vehicles

Vehicles over 10 years of age to be effected

CNG retrofitters also lack kits for BS3 and BS4 standards currently nearly 60% kit are uncompatible with BS3 and BS4 vehicles.

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Ban on registration of vehicles over 2000CC still on

Courts want manufacturers to pay Environment Tax close to 10 % of vehicles value over and above the increased excise tax, they argue both would be levied

They said No Doctor has asked you to drive these Diesel Guzzlers , they are mere show off elements that are causing harm to so many peoples health.

All diesel run cabs given another month to convert to CNG to keep plying on Delhi roads

Registration of new TRUCKSstruck dkwn , courts are even exlloring the possibility of leving new cingestion tax on them.

CNG vehicles still exempted to ply during ODD EVEN days

Fate of women drivers will be decided soon

Sale of CNG stickers has again started at one outlet in Delhi CGO Complex CNG filling station. 8 am to 8 pm

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Ban on registration of vehicles over 2000CC still on

Courts want manufacturers to pay Environment Tax close to 10 % of vehicles value over and above the increased excise tax, they argue both would be levied

The last i heard was that court suggested a charge of some 25 to 30 per cent on the cost of the vehicles to neutralise the advantage now enjoyed by diesel car owners.

If by taking extra money they are able to let diesel vehicles off then it just shows their real intent about this so called environment friendly steps.

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yes that is correct.

only problem delhites have already managed to go past it , new car have never really stopped coming into delhi.

UK registration is fairly popular with all vehicles which do not meet requiremts to be registered in delhi.

ODD EVEN 2 also wasnt that successfull , Delhites stormed in with new CNG vehicles , decade old defunked petrol cars have been converted to CNG vehicles , small old vehicles sales had rocketed because of this ODD EVEN

luckily no ODD EVEN now for atleast an year.

Courts further extended the Diesel vehicles ban till july.

Taxi owners had to face the brunt also , where they had been stopped to ply Diesel taxis on delhi roads

Ola ,Uber offered new CNG vehicles to these drivers for 20-25 K and daily payment of 800 as an installment

lot of Datgun Go have come onto Delhi roads this way.

Diesel cabs are now again plying , the ones attached to BPO route.

I just hope Govt bans UK registration for Delhi bound vehicles.

or wait untill EURO 6 comes into play.

Wait till old taxi permits expire and stop issuing new ones

wait until Registration of current registered vehicles expire , stopping new car registrations all together.

Already 15 year old petrol vehicles and 10 year old diesel vehicle still roam on delhi roads

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Delhi should now plan for days ending number. That is if date is 23 then vehicles with reg no. ending with 3 can run on the street. Then how many old cars will be bought in second sales. If the traffic is planned more systematically, pollution can be reduced. As all know, pollution increases when traffic block is there. Major blocks are created due to construction work( road, irrigation etc) may be delayed due to Departmental negligence, vehicle break down due to tyre burst and other negligence from part of vehicle owner (on which the RTO should levy heavy extra penalties), rallies, marriages, political chakka jams, traffic police checking ( may be during end of the month) etc. As librankur said 15 year old petrol cars and 10 year old Diesel cars may be plying on roads. But the right measure is at pollution check irrespective of the year of manufacture. And pollution certificate should be given only by reputed organizations under ARAI. Every one knows how pollution card is made

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Haha going by your logic people will have to buy 10 cars , manufactures would rejoice by this

Actually Govt is thinking on your plan but its the other way round

It goes something like this

Vehicle registration number ending with 1 WILL NOT be allowed to drive on 1, 11, 21, 31


Vehicle registration number ending with 2 WILL NOT be allowed to drive on 2, 12, 22

and so on

Poor roads design leads to traffic jams and its part of the overall city planning and the VOTE oriented town planning that happens in India is not hidden from anyone.

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Much has happened since the NGT Order on Kerela , barring diesel vehicles over 2000 CC in six cities there

Kerla High Court has stayed the order for 2 Months

Much like what happened in Delhi earlier and then the ban persisted .

NGT is again in action today.

This time it wants to ban these vehicles in 11-15 more states.

It has asked judges to give to them names of the most polluted city in their states by tuesday 31 May 2016,tomorrow, failing which arrest warrants would be issued for the Chief Secretary of that state.

The next hearing is for tomorrow , expect fireworks tomorrow as Central Govt is protesting the issuance of the order.

Already they are saying , the Delhi Ban itself has led to the fall in production of these vehicles by 11000 in number per months and subsequently affecting 5500 jobs.

I might have earlier shared here or some other thread that the bulk of these vehicles 10 years , 15 Years are being shipped to southern india from delhi.

Now these vehicles have been banned in those states, it would seriously effect sales of these vehicles there and thus a SCRAPPING POLICY IS NEEDED IMMEDIATELY

Most of the old luxury vehicles were alSo going to Punjab this way from Delhi

Jalandar , Amritsar , Patna and many more cities could go the Delhi way starting tomorrow.

Switch here for an update tomorrow .

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Got a bit carried away in my last post and wrote ARREST WARTANT read as BAILABLE WARRANTS

As much intreasting the read is, i hardly believe anything these manufacturers put out in terms of Technology and Theory when it comes to pollution.

I dont care how many of these manufactures have to shut shop so that the rest of us can live a disease free life.

The manufacturers are claiming that they are being wrongly and singly being targeted that is again a shit load of crap.

So many power plants have been shut down in delhi

All trucks have to pay an environment tax while entering delhi

Construction sites are being challaned heavily for polluting

All buses are CNG in Delhi , some electric buses are also being introduced

Lighting open fires is a punishible offence

Chopping down trees is a punishible offence

Polluting industries are being moved out of delhi

Taxis are now mandated to run on CNG

Odd Even is being attempted

More CNG pumping stations to be introduced

Incentive on Electic Vehicles and Hybrid vehicles through FAME

New scrapping policy

E Rickshwas for delhi

Cleaning roads with vaccum machines

Banning 10 , 15 year old vehicles

How much they are successful can be a point of a debate but saying nothing is happening otherwise is utter nonsense

And so many other things that are being done , arent other peoples life also being affected but the cash rich diesel lobby wants that they should not be touched

They dont want the environment tax of 30 % because that in itself would kill their products demand

Govt should make the prices of Diesel and Petrol equitable and the added advantage of diesel dies away their itself

That Euro 6 fuel is also an eye wash because adulteration in fuel is the major issue now and will remain a major issue the.


How many of people have died in delhi with pollution relating ailments ?


How many people died in delhi because they could not buy these fancy SUVs ?

Till the time , the answer to the number two question is greater than the number one question , no force can make me believe otherwise.

Left to me i will be against even smaller diesel vehicles allowed to continue to be produced.

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How many of people have died in delhi with pollution relating ailments ?


How many people died in delhi because they could not buy these fancy SUVs ?

Till the time , the answer to the number two question is greater than the number one question , no force can make me believe otherwise.

So you believe diesel vehicles are prime reason for this?

I guess you ask anybody in NCR and most will tell that particulate matter (read dust) is the real nuisance.

Nothing being done to curb it and those construction sites flouting rules as they wish.

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POLLUTION is a lot of things.

Every possible reason for these POLLUTION RELATING AILMENTS needs to be attacked.

And yes , if Diesel is 4 times more polluting than petrol , it cant be spared.

The cancer causing traits due to prolonged exposure to diesel fumes cannot be ignored .


Since 2013 I am tracking these NCR projects because of vested interest and you say nothing is being done to curb them.

You can argue over the issue of implementation of these orders but dont say nothing was done.

So many projects in the NCR were stalled by NGT but restrictions were lifted / eased because home owners in these projects started crying foul.

Lot of similar steps are being taken in Asola and adjoining areas that i personally know of.

There is still lots to be done and HARMLESS BABY STEPS should not matter much.

So dont go searching for the PRIME REASON , for me even the remotest of reasons for a serious issue needs to be SHOT DOWN.

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It is good that NGT is doing good for the nation. But more people in India die due to smoking, tobacco and alcohol, than due to pollution. If they are really caring human life, then first of all ban all the three and similar ones.

I feel all these are part of some politricks, which time may prove. The stand of NGT is good as this may pressurize things to improve. Data is the most important thing. Is the data correct enough to rely.

Other than cancer the major killer is Diabetes and Hear attack. What action is opted on sugary drinks, products with saturated fats, (and of- course roadside samosa, kachori). More people die in accidents ( not much cared), Many in building collapses (no actions). Still new multi storied building arises in cities.

AOL don't have any political support and is neutral and Sri Sri is a real Guru. That is why this has happened. If this has been imposed on any prominent political party, what would have been the result.

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Just add ACCIDENTS to that list , on one of the other threads i have posted a few numbers that have been flashed all over the media last few days .

Your inference that they have no political lineage is highly questionable , If you consider them as real gurus thats because you dont know what real work they really do.


Kerela High Court just put a ban/ hold on the order passed by NGT that puts a ban on 10 year old Diesel vehicles there

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Yes Accident too.

Did Swami Vivekanadan had a political lineage. My answer is no. Partly Ideological similarities may be there with some party. I usually try to take the good from these Gurus. But I cant assure the people associated with them don't belong to any parties. One of the slogan of Sri Sri and AOL is "I belong to you". If that 4.5cr is used properly by the Government and the disbursement officials, Sri Sri will be the happiest man.

One Kerala also minister commended recently about the order, like irrespective of the manufacturing year, vehicles should be checked for pollution. Blindly banning vehicles over 10 years will not solve the problem.

In my opinion such bans may lead to another type of pollution,

1. Many parts of these vehicles are not recyclable. (add to biggest pollution)

2. The energy used to recycle other parts are much costlier and those factories also add to pollution

3. Those batteries are not much recyclable, and the ingredients are much harmful to human brain.

Many poor drivers buy second hand car for their daily earnings. This will be a punch to their lower abdomen.

In my opinion NGT like organization should come into picture for

1. pollution checking on road with sincere officials.

2. Yearly permit should be introduced so that all vehicles should be issued by a safety permit ( including all measures like safety, vehicle conditions like tyre, engine , pollution, etc (please add more)

3. Govt could give huge subsidy to new buyers of electric cars (but chargeable electric cars are not solution,except solar charging. Consider a scenario that around 1 million cars in India is electrically charged, where you will get these much energy, how and where will you charge, what is the charging time required and how queues can be handled). Have you seen the cost of electric Car by Mahindra)

When I see abandoned vehicles at some police stations, it hurts me. Now visualize heaps of abandoned vehicles, left to rust. (Looks like a war zone in India )

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3 hours ago, librankur said:

Well, this has been the hallmark of our government and various other bodies.

They keep changing policies and stands as they wish.

So there is no surprise when automakers crib about such frequent changes in policies.

Though, one thing is sure that eventually EVs are the future. Hence most the manufacturers are now either scrapping or minimizing their diesel lineup.

Till EVs take over, let's just enjoy the ICE cars we have today !!

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