Clutch - Replace Bits Or Everything?

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Hi friends,
              I am back with another query.Sorry Queries.

Our Indigo XL Grand Dicor's clutch pedal is very hard to press.i.e, we have to apply very much pressure to press the pedal. because of this hardness the vehicle stalls every now and then if clutch is not released carefully.i.e., the pickup from rest is sluggish. But the engine does provide very good pickup once the clutch is released carefully.
          I showed the vehicle at the free checkup camp arranged by TASS. The guy there said the Pressure Plate (PP)will have to be replaced to make the clutch pedal soft. He also said the Clutch Plate also have to be replaced with the Pressure Plate as the Previous Clutch Plate must have worn to some extent which will not match the NEW Pressure Plate.

1.  Is it compulsory to replace the clutch plate also if only Pressure Plate is to be replaced?
2. I think the cause of hard pedal is worn Clutch Release Bearing(CRB). Should I replace the
     a. CRB only or
     b. CRB and PP or
     c. Complete Clutch Assembly.i.e., CRB,PP, Clutch Disc, Clutch Cable?

3.How to identify if only CRB needs replacing or PP needs to be replaced?

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