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KUV1OO - Quirky / Bold / Beautiful / Macho / Ugly ???

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Finally yesterday we all could see the full view of M&M's newest offering KUV1OO in detail i.e. from front to back, up and down , in and out.

(a) Exterior Design




I don't understand how one can comeup with such a design and get it approved to make it till the final production car ? Atleast one should observe proportions if there are restrictions to work within certain criteria or length etc...

What was there in mind of the "TOP BRASS" of M&M while finalising such a design ?

From the front the car looks impressive as it share lots of design cues from Evoque as well as Ecosport but as we go further we can see the extended head lamp till the A Pillar to give effect of glares. But this is also OK and acceptable to certain extent but the curves above the tail lights are not looking good at all. Also the cabin area has rounded shape which is not complementing the bold macho front or bonnet portion.

Other thing that doesn't go well with KUV's personality is small wheels and square shaped wheel archs.

As always most of M&M's front are impressive but the back portions are overdone. The same seems to be happened here. In the back or 2nd half portion you can see there are lots of bits and pieces joined together in the design such as a big downward curve above tail lights than door handle on C Pillar etc...

The 2nd half portion or is not in line with the 1st half and it looks like two different cars are joined together.

If M&M wanted to offer a sub 4 meter SUV they should have looked at Premier's RIO which is also a sub 4 Meter mini SUV and has more proportionate look.


( B) Interior Design


Interior is totally opposite to the exterior and is impressive in almost every aspect be it the quality of plastic, dash colour scheme, ergonomic and unique dash design, dash mounted gear lever , seat fabric and colour scheme etc......

The interior of KUV1OO is something which is totally unconventional, bold and innovative with lots of useful storage space and secret compartments.

The detailing in the front seat head rest portion to coincide with design of KUV is impressive.

The option of additional seat in between front seats is a nice option to be used either as arm rest or to seat one more passenger if safety is ignored.

The boot space offered should have been bigger than offered.

© A Tricky buying decision

Though M&M has large number of loyal customers and the way M&M have spread it's dealership across India KUV1OO may find decent number of buyers but KUV1OO is in the price range where buyers have lots of options from such as Gand i10, Celerio, Swift , Bolt etc....

Looks of a car matters a lot to make buying decision unless it offers something extra within a price range. For example people bought Xylo not because of it's looks but for it's interior space and comfortable and pulsh seating arrangement for 7 big people. Even the 3rd row of Xylo is comfortable.

USP of KUV1OO is it's QUIRKY design and apart from that other unique thing is it's additional seat option and thats it all other features of KUV1OO are just similar to any other hatch offered in it's price range.

If we leave these two things aside there is nothing very unique be it it's price , engine, interior space , boot space, ground clearance, off road abilities etc....

The exterior design is not something that immediately strike chord with customer because it is neither a full fledged SUV nor a hatch. Also if it is between SUV and a hatch the design is not proportionate.

Interior space is also at par with any other hatch in this price range.

Boot space is also just like any other hatch.

Engines - They don't boast any performance qualities just like Abarth Punto which may also add-up to buying decision.

170mm ground clearance , Suspension set-up , small tires , no 4x4 option , etc... features are also conventional hatch like which restricts KUV1OO to go offroad so these features are also not unique to help to make a buying decision.

Because KUV1OO is from M&M people expects qualities such as Macho looks, road presence, Off road or go anywhere abilities, strong engine, 4x4 option, SUV look, good ground clearance, big boot and cabin space etc... but KUV1OO failed to meet all these expectations.

So do you think KUV1OO will be able to make it's unique space in already crowded hatchback segment ?

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Howsoever much it gets appreciated into the market, I would firmly stand to my view here. This car looks weird, quirky and ugly - all at the same time.

I think Mahindra should come up with a better design language than being bitten/smitten by some random animal/bug to give them their design cues.

Suddenly, the TUV and XUV look like a beauty!

A Duster/Terrano competitor would have made more sense from Mahindra. It's not like you need length to produce a good looking car - Ecosport is a very good exception to this. But this KUV actually is an eyesore when we see this on road.

All opinions are personal.

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I saw KUV1OO at the showroom and I found looks not too bad but it is not that good also.

Especially the side profile is an eyesore. Front and Back looks ok and M&M have done good job.

But personally I feel KUV1OO doesn't offer something very attractive or desirable features that may attract buyer to go for it.

I really don't understand on what basis M&M call this car as SUV ? This is wrong positioning and confusing buyers and because M&M call KUV1OO as SUV buyers expect something more.

Though price of KUV1OO is competitive and if buyer is fan of M&M he may opt for TUV3OO which is much better option than KUV1OO as TUV3OO offers much more interms of engine, cabin space, looks, boot space, seating capacity etc.....

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I don't know what's the issue with M&M designers, they always seem to try too hard.

KUV100 has all sort of cuts and creases and what not.

A car can stand out for it's design even without trying so much hard.

Just look at Kwid, it comes across as a very nice design to what is normally expected of a entry level hatchback.

Even their designers were able to put across Kwid as sort of mini Duster, and they pretty much succeeded in doing that.

I guess time is not far when M&M will relaunch Verito/Vibe also as a SUV.

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I agree that the KUV100 is not as per the standard design expectations. But,

I do not agree that it is ugly. We have seen much horrible designs in India which were

very successful.

Just see how Wagon-R looks. Or, for that matter, who can forget the scrowling face of Santro ?

They were very very odd to look at, but the so-called quirky designs grew on us and we made them

top sellers in no time.

When introduced, Toyota's Qualis was very very boxy and odd. But, even after Innova

was introduced and became a success, Qualis still held the rate in the second hand market

for a very long time.

So, I think KUV100 will be a success, not withstanding it's so called quirky side profile,

because, people buy cars for various valid reasons, 'looks' coming down the pecking order.

Just look at the price and the features it offers. A sure shot for success. I believe it will sell

more than TUV300 due to it's VFM.

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@Sachins - Nice one ; ) .

If we keep apart looks of KUV than also there not something very interesting in this car apart from joystick style dash mount gear lever and additional front centre seat. Price is not very attractive as there are lots of options available in all other segment be it hatch or sedan.

The car is made to seat 6 people but they have not designed boot space to fit the luggage for 6 people.

The car is designed to be "Young SUV" but it failed to provide high ground clearance, 4x4 , big tires , strong powerful engine or any other feature for which the car can be called as SUV.

The car is designed to be "Kool" to attract young but failed to provide full fledged "entertainment" package such as "branded audio video system" or high class speakers with subwoofer , touch screen infotainment etc...

I am not against M&M or it's products but it feels bad when a capable company like M&M fails on the part of fulfilling expectations.

Now coming to TVC of KUV1OO

If you see the TVC of KUV1OO the marketing team have employed"Varun Dhavan" but the way he has acted as if he is not at all interested in doing the commercial. Varun Dhavan is totally wasted. He is simply shown as driving KUV around with couple of expressions which are not related to enjoying drive with KUV1OO

In TVC the marketing team failed to show the hidden compartments or intelligent storage spaces. The marketing team could have done something more to show that the KUV is loved by youth. There should be some more fun , masti , more young kool lingo and funny dilogues in TVC to make it more attractive so that KUV1OO looks more desirable.

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@rameshbabu, though design is always very subjective issue, the point i was trying to make is that M&M can very well make some good designs without trying so much hard.

The cars you had given as examples, I will actually put them as "boxy" and not quirky.

To me boxy designs are any day better from quirky ones, example Scorpio.

Such boxy designs have a far more neutral appeal and age more gracefully.

Even Hyundai has learnt now that their earlier "fluidic" language wasn't the one which will last too much and they quickly adapted it. The results can immediately be seen with success of Grand i10, Elite i20 and Creta.

I am actually surprised, as even M&M with their earlier launches (face-lifted XUV and TUV300) had sort of hinted that they were moving towards a more mature design language.

BTW, I like the positioning of gear stick on KUV100, it frees up lot of space and provides an ergonomic comfortable ride for driver.

Though I think, earlier gen i10 was first one which had gear stick near the dashboard.

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+1 BonFre. I can't believe that this car sells on Flipkart! And no, its not a scale model - you can actually book it by paying 10k.

I don't entirely blame our car manufacturers to have jumped upon the sub-4 meter category of cars. Our law is quite funny that way. But we have seen good (subjective) designs in terms of the Ford Ecosport and the soon to be launched Vitara Brezza. These are acceptable products in the market with a certain imposing stature on the roads. Let's call them urban SUVs or soft roaders.

The KUV here looks like its an egg shell starting as soon as the bonnet ends all the way to the back. The bonnet looks like its a scaled down image of the XUV brought into production. Very quirky and very ugly overall.

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