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Hyundai i20 Active - Diesel/Petrol

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Hi Folks,

Since last 1 month, we have been researching for a premium hatch back in the range 8 to 10 lakhs

I request members' advice.

Following are the requirements

1. I am a defensive driver. Do not cross 55 kmph in city and 80 kmph in highway. So engine power can be moderate

2. Usage - 30 to 50 km per day. 25% highway- 75% city - Petrol preferred

3. Need the following features- automatically foldable ORVM, ECM,AVN, glove cooling, backside AC vent etc.

4. Reasonable mileage - 12 to 13 in city , 15 to 17 in highway

5. Good Ground Clearance - 180 to 200

6. Should fetch a good resale value after 4 years

We tried Baleno Alpha- But waiting period is 6 to 8 months in Gurgaon

Finally tried i20 Active SX AVN- Felt very appealing .

But after reading through the review, I am in a confusion

Reviews say the petrol engine is sluggish - But will it suffice my motoring requirements?

According to my usage does buying the diesel variant make sense? ( considering engine power, mileage, resale value )

Any other alternative to i20 Active as per my requirement?

Will be grateful for your suggestions



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