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Did Mercedes upgrade Electronics vehicle INFO on its new SClass & GLS

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Mercedes was lacking behind in car Electronics & Communications with regard to other Similar cars ( Hyundais are in advanced situation in terms of. Music Bluetooth Aux in etc AC seat ventilation )

Mercedes previous SClass Doesnt show The brake pad replacement time ,Unlike in BMW even 5 series shows how many Kms brake pads it can run & when to change brake pads ,

This small info can save lakhs of rupees & time ,

When I gave a complaint to Mercedes to upgrade this info ,They had reacted negatively on concerned Area service guy and think he lost his job too.

Though we had given competitive info ,To improve their own car ,

Reaction is so bad ,

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We Indian have blind faith in Honda & Toyota. In the luxury sector we seek Mercedes, BMW and Audi. These companies know our mentality so they don't improvise until their sales are affected. I have gone through Honda, Toyota and Mercedes forums and their customers have a lot of issues. Callous attitudes of dealers makes the situation worse. Nobody wants to find and solve the problem just renew the parts. If you raise a technical query then better be ready for a job switchover.

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