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Mohit Nautiyal

Kwid Steering Auto centre?

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Hello there,

I recently purchased a Renault Kwid RXT(O), equipped with power steering.

As I happened to notice, the steering doesn't seem to centre itself everytime. The centering stops mid way, and I need to do the remaining.

As I now see, this is posing a problem.

What I want to know is:

1. Are all Kwids prone to this?

2. What all serious concerns can it pose? (I have my list but it would be nice to see some other ideas).

3. If it happens to be a problem specific to my vehicle, will the dealer rectify it FOC?


Thanks and Regards,


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Generally new product could have such mild/little issues(though not an issue actually) reason being parts will take their sweet time to settle down & to take its working seat/shape. 

What you can do now is to just get it's tyre pressure checked & fill tyre pressure as per car manufacturer specifications.

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