The iconic Ford Mustang. Which one would you pick? Old or new?

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The Ford Mustang has is one of the the most iconic cars of its times. And it has evolved and how. While the new one is loaded with tech and more power, nothing quite comes close to the charm out the original pony car. Given a choice money no object, which wold you buy?

The classic Mustang from the 60s






or the current gen car that is now sold in India as well





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When coming to Mustang flagship models Ford always has been impressive in satisfying it's customers. No matter the old or the new both the beasts of a different attire . When it comes to a comparision of the  Mustang from from 60's and the 2016 one I would definitely choose the Mustang back from 60's because at that time it was a car blended of sheer power luxury and had more elegant looks and was a pure AMERICAN MUSCLE .But I feel that though the newer generations of Mustang promise to continue the trend of the flagship models the Mustang from 60's is the ultimate choice.


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