Creta Petrol E+ vs Ecosport TDCi Titanium?

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I have two vehicles in mind. They are costing me almost same with max difference of 50 grands. Budget stretched to 11 lacs, earlier it was 9.5 for Trend+ - 

Ecosport Diesel Titanium - Fully loaded, powerful diesel, SOLID build quality, driving dynamics, good looks, economical than creta (mileage and maintenance), Keyless entry Go, Lumbar support, Alloy wheels, parking sensors.

Not as spacious as Creta, looses the premium tag/bragging rights (top variant - 11 lacs), jarring ride at low speeds, less plush interiors ( is it? I didnt feel as such), diesel engine new to me.

and, Creta Petrol E+ - has an air of premiumness (price-wise, top variant - 18 lacs), plush interiors? (Didnt feel myself), looks handsome, spacious (rear and boot), familiar with Petrol engine (family owns a Santro), has touchscreen (not a big deal)

E+ doesnt have basic features like Seat-height adjust, telescopic steering, parking sensors, rear defogger, rear wiper, DTE and mileage options in MID, expensive to run (mileage and maintenance), poor steering, iffy driving dynamics over triple digits (bounciness quoted in T-BHP review), poor lumbar support (from reviews), loses out on all Creta USPs - no leather seats, projector lights, navigation system as in top end.
[Parking sensors and Alloy wheels can be had aftermarket but not the other stuff]

From reviews i could conclude that Creta with 1.6 CRDi engine makes the most sense but it is not the scenario for me. So what do you advise.. Is 1.6 Creta Petrol as capable as 1.5 Ford Diesel or atleast 90% of it?

When we travel long distances, lumbar support becomes an important factor. I have driven my santro (with firm compound) for 650+ kms in a day and wasnt tired throughout the journey, though couldnt get up the next morning as it was my first trip, but once did <150 kms in an i10 (soft compound) and my back was very badly aching at the end of the journey.

Also, I have plans to travel a lot more ala Ladakh, Leh trips so ES torque figures seemed comfortable for that. 
So my questions are- 
1) Will Creta petrol be as capable for Leh, Ladakh etc adventures?
2) Is E+ variant worth considering over Titanium?

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Hi there

Between the two I would say go for the Creta but you should consider the diesel. The Ecosport is pretty old now and a facelift is expected sometime. The Creta also has nicer interiors and feels more spacious than the Ecosport.

I would say get the Creta. Any particular reason why you dont want the diesel?

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