Baleno or Brezza, Which is better?

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i'm planning to buy a diesel car and my budget is between 9 to 10 lakh. I've zeroed on Baleno Zeta & Brezza VDI(O).

But when it comes to features baleno has more. I've heard from many sources that baleno suspension goes week and becomes hard after some thousand KMs. Is it really any issue with suspension in Baleno? 

Below are my preferences for both city & Highway ride:
1. Comfort and ride quality on front and rear (More priority as i hate my 2012 Dzire for this reason)
2. Riding and Handling
3. Safety at higher speeds & cabin space

Please let me know if Brezza is better in all the way as i'm happy to spend the extra money. 

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Geerthi you won't get adaptive or intelligent shock absorbing system  in the above budget. Moreover majority of us don't have priorities with respect to comfort, not among the first in the list. We want brand, fuel average and looks.

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@ Geerthi - Considering the conditions of the roads I suggest to go for Breeza than Baleno.

Also if you go by current trend when people prefer to buy mini-suv type vehicles than a hatch if there is little difference in price. 

Breeza is more practical vehicle in terms of space (Cabin and Boot) , ground clearance , road presance etc.... 

Best of luck for your new purchase.  

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Autocar itself has many long termers on Baleno, they have not mentioned anything on suspension, so don't know where you get that from. 

Now Brezza may look bigger and better from outside, it's the Baleno which has more space. Ride quality is more or less same, but Baleno also gives you higher fuel efficiency and better performance at the same time! Don't buy the top end model though, if you are so concerned about the ride quality, as it has bigger set of wheels!

PS: You can also consider Figo/Aspire if you are looking for a diesel, and can manage with slightly less space and brand value. What it offers you is basically an engine that's much more refined, performs much better, and equally fuel efficient too! Basically go for it if you drive a lot in heavy traffic or if you love driving. 

Btw, I don't think brand value is a problem. Maruti may have the numbers, but quality of service is not that good. And Ford has more service centers than Honda! 


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