Battle of entry level AMT hatches: Alto AMT vs Kwid AMT. Which would you choose?

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Automatics have a come along way in India. While buyers would earlier shy away from automatics due to fuel efficiency and maintenance concerns, things have started changing. More people are going in for automatics now and we have now a slew of automatics with various gearbox technologies on offer. And now we have entry level auto hatches as well with the AMT gearbox. The Alto K10 AMT has been around for a while now but the newest kid on the block is the Renault Kwid AMT. All things considered which one would you choose to buy given a choice between these two? The Alto AMT or the Kwid AMT. ?



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Drive both the cars. AMT is good on both, but Alto is sure to be more refined and efficient. 

But Alto does not only have much lesser space, it is set very low too! And that alone is a downer in my view. So drive both the cars one after the other, on the same day, and for atleast 15 minutes. 

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