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POLO GTI - Only for those who know it from Inside

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Very few Auto Manufacturers consider performance as main USP to sell their cars in India than looks and new and latest kid on the block is POLO GTI.

Only VW and Fiat are more adventurous to try and introduce new engines instead of the new car in their product range.

We have seen lot of engines in Punto and the same is the case of POLO.

From outside very few can identify difference between POLO and POLO GTI and one won't believe that the price tag of GTI is above 25 Lakhs.

While it was quite acceptable for the price of Punto that was may be under 10 Lakhs (I am not sure about exact pricing) promising "Performance" of the cars that cost 3 times of it's price  but POLO is directly entering in higher price range with very few or minimal exterior changes to it's existing ongoing POLO.

Though GTI promises performance but do you think only performance matters to the Indian buyer when they pay a price which is above normal range and that too only for performance  ?  

GTI may cross roads with Mini Cooper in terms of pricing but looks of GTI may not attract more buyers.

GTI will remain only for those who knows it from inside and value the true German Engineering with pure performance. 

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Interesting topic Tejas.

In my opinion, I really dont think VW is looking at numbers with the GTI. Hence they have imported only 99 of these. Yes the 25 lakh rupee ex showroom does not justify a car that looks no different from a regular Polo except for the fact that the GTI is a 2 door. For the typical Indian car buyer performance is not a priority but that is not the customer VW is looking at 

. The GTI is aimed at buyers who already have a fleet o high end cars at home. These people will buy the GTI as a toy to have fun. It is surely a car that would buy from the heart and not the head. The Mini is expensive too but it has a unique identity. When you buy an expensive car it has to turn heads which the Mini will do. The GTI will just pass off as a regular Polo and get shocked looks when you utter the price.

That said, I dont think VW will have a problem shifting those 99 cars off the showroom floors. There are many people with money out there. 


For the rest of us the Polo GT TSI with 105 horses would do just nicely. Ask me I bought one last month :) 

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